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August 10th, 2007
UK Sustainable Future: White Paper

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The White Paper sets out our detailed proposals for reform of the planning system, building on Kate Barker’s recommendations for improving the speed, responsiveness and efficiency in land use planning, and taking forward Kate Barker’s and Rod Eddington’s proposals for reform of major infrastructure planning.

It proposes reforms on how we take decisions on nationally significant infrastructure projects – including energy, waste, waste-water and transport – responding to the challenges of economic globalisation and climate change.

It also proposes further reforms to the Town and Country Planning system, building on the recent improvements to make it more efficient and more responsive.

The White Paper asks a range of questions about our proposals, which are brought together in Annex A of the White Paper. They are also available as a separate consultation document. We are very interested to hear views. Please send your response no later than 17 August 2007.

The Planning White Paper is available to download below. The separate Chapters and Annexes have also been made available individually for ease of printing.

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