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October 2nd, 2007
Topcon Combines Digital Imaging and Scanning in 1

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Robotic Total Station, Scanner, Digital Cameras and Machine Control. The new Topcon Imaging Station has it all! The newest addition to Topcon’s robotic total station series – the Topcon Imaging Station — now offers the added productivity and versatility of integrated digital imaging, a world’s first technology Topcon introduced in 2005 with its GPT-7000i total station.

  Its integrated through the lens, dual digital camera imaging technology captures reality with wide angle and 30x optical zoom capabilities and when used in conjunction with the built-in scanning feature, it provides a dynamic system that provides the automation of a much-higher priced laser scanner. The Topcon IS is ideal for topographic survey, mining, construction, as-built survey or many other applications. Based on a Windows environment, so it is easy to get started and integration with the office is seamless.

  Compact and versatile

With the digital imaging software you can combine multiple job site photos and create 3D models and point clouds. The Topcon IS Imaging station combines robotic survey, 3D scanning and video technologies in one compact versatile easy to operate instrument. Packed with unique technology and features, the Topcon Imaging Station offers a wide range of possibilities, unseen before. Only from Topcon: the pioneer of Digital Imaging Surveying.


Longest range and highest speed available

The Topcon Imaging Station provides unique precise reflectorless measurement up to 2,000 meters, the longest in the industry, and the highest speed with up to 20 points per second. This means it can easily measure on difficult targets like power lines. The Topcon IS simply sets a new standard for robotic total stations. Topcon was the first manufacturer to combine digital imaging with reflectorless total stations several years ago. With the new IS we have expanded the applications and productivity of our users substantially.


Double use

But the advantages do not end there. The Topcon IS survey tool is also available for 3D Machine Control applications. With all the same successful and field proven characteristics and an impressive 20Hz update rate, the Topcon Imaging Station is an ideal fit for 3 Dimensional 

Machine Control, or any demanding survey task! With the introduction of this new product, Topcon offers the widest range of 3D solutions on the market, ranging from its 3D GPS+ control, to MillimeterGPS and now Total Station control, a Topcon system ideal for applications in challenging environments where a clear view to the sky is not available. With the new Topcon IS we provide dual use of the Total station as a base for high-accuracy machine automation or traditional robotic surveying operation.


Wide angle and telescopic imaging:

  • The unique integrated dual digital camera offers wide angle and telescopic view capabilities for maximum ease of use and versatility.

  • The unique 30x optimal zoom guarantees the best possible accuracy.


3D modeling:

  • Advanced 3D image modeling capabilities allow for instant 3D model creation with image integration and volume measurements.


Topo trace® feature detection:

  • Intelligent feature measurement allows for accurate point recording based on simply tapping the screen and even automatic detection of points to be measured is included. A worlds’ first for Intelligent Feature Detection.


Built in scanning and video feed:

  • Offers the dynamics of a scanner, robotic total station and video capabilities into one single instrument.

  • Up to 20 points per second is possible.

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