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October 16th, 2007
Topcon’s GMS-2 Pro takes GIS a step further

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The GMS-2 Pro offers an integrated distance meter, offset measurement, a unique image height/width measurement and a high level of mobility in the well known handy format of the GMS-2. 

It’s all about the accuracy

The Digital camera offers two mega pixels of sharp images. The integrated compass offers +/- 4 degree accuracy and the distance meter offers a range of 50 meters with an accuracy of +/- 10 millimeter. Take it outside and use the GMS-2 Pro in Agriculture and Forestry, Geology and Archeology, Environment, Energy, Utility or use it as a controller for Robotic and RTK GNSS and much more. 

Height and width measurement

What really makes the GMS-2 Pro stand out however is its groundbreaking, easy height and width measurement. Just one shoot and two taps and you get a target’s height or width. It really is that easy! To measure the height or width of the target, you simple aim at the target by using the easy to read image screen. Then you can simply measure the distance and capture the image at the same time. This is realized by combining distance measurement with innovative Image capturing technology. On the screen, when you tap two points, you get the distance, height and widths. This makes the GMS-2 Pro Ideal for difficult measurements. Imagine the savings in time you will realize!

Changing the face of field surveying

An example from the world of forestry will clarify how truly groundbreaking the easy height and width measurement of the GMS-2 Pro is. You can measure area and density of trees and many other objects; you can measure the height and even measure the width. Measuring the total volume of wood in the forest for example is a breeze and no longer requires difficult calculations. With the GMS-2 Pro the current DGNSS field survey will be changed. Forever.

Real-time correction signals

The GMS-2 Pro also has an option that increases real-time correction capabilities of the GMS-2 hand-held receiver– the addition of a BR-1 Coast Guard beacon receiver. The GMS-2 GIS mobile GNSS receiver can utilize the new BR-1 to receive sub-meter differential correction signals from the Coast Guard beacon system in real-time for data collection and navigation. Now, with this additional receiver option, real-time correction reception becomes possible in areas where it might not have been previously. In addition, by connecting to a Bluetooth, mobile phone network corrections can also be received.

Not easily interrupted

The Coast Guard beacon is a free, land-based radio signal that is not easily interrupted by obstructions – trees, buildings and natural terrain obstacles. The BR-1 has the unique feature of four channels and provides users with up to four consistently available correction signals to achieve sub-meter, real-time accuracies in the field. The new receiver will automatically select the best correction of the four signals available to send to the Topcon GMS-2, a function making the BR-1 a smart correction option for the GMS-2.


  • GPS + GLONASS Tracking

  • Digital Camera Inside

  • Electronic Compass and Tilt Sensor inside

  • Windows Mobile

  • DGNSS and Static observation

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