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November 16th, 2022
Teledyne Optech Galaxy T2000 mobilized for earthquake recovery and reconstruction effort in China

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Vaughan, Ontario, CANADA – Teledyne Geospatial announced that the State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection in China’s Sichuan province recently deployed the Optech Galaxy T2000 to aid in the post disaster recovery and reconstruction phase after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake caused heavy damage to buildings, roads and other infrastructure in the Luding area.

Eight days after the massive earthquake, Teledyne Geospatial partner, Sichuan Metallurgical Geological Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd., arranged for their Galaxy T2000 airborne lidar terrain mapper to be mounted on an AS350 helicopter to survey the affected area. The chopper traversed the extremely mountainous (4000m+ elevation change) and vegetated basin – an environment the T2000 is designed for. The sensor was able to deliver fixed swath coverage despite the extreme range of topography, as it leveraged its patented SwathTRAK technology. This simplified the flight planning and collection time, diminished the amount of data collected, and enabled the community to rapidly receive data to action. Galaxy’s effective laser pulse rate, and narrow spot size delivered high resolution in this diverse landcover. Details below the thick tree canopy, on electric and road infrastructure will be key for the transition plan to recover and reconstruct the region.

Malek Singer, Teledyne Geospatial’s Product Manager, Airborne, commented, “We are grateful to see our partner, Sichuan Metallurgical Geological Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd., support the many communities in the Luding region after the earthquake and we are doubly proud that the Optech Galaxy T2000 was able to help in the disaster recovery and reconstruction efforts”.

Teledyne Geospatial unifies the hardware and software expertise of both Teledyne CARIS and Teledyne Optech.  The new group provides customers with innovative integrated solutions. Offerings include turnkey systems, lidar and sonar integrated workflows and a range of systems and solutions that support holistic, precision data collection.

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