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The switch to a La Niña pattern, record-shattering warm ocean temperatures in the Main Development Region at the surface, and warm waters at deep depths are all red flags for AccuWeather expert meteorologists.

With the Atlantic Hurricane Season beginning on June 1, 2024, AccuWeather expert meteorologists are concerned about a serious threat of rapidly intensifying storms during the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane season, which could leave families, businesses and government leaders with less time to react and prepare.   

Rapid intensification of tropical storms and hurricanes is defined as a tropical storm or hurricane that quickly gains wind intensity of at least 35 mph in 24 hours or less.   

AccuWeather Lead Hurricane Forecaster Alex DaSilva says rapidly intensifying tropical storms and hurricanes pose a major threat to life and property along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastlines.  

Many large coastal cities require 48 to 72 hours to announce mandatory evacuations, organize shuttles and activate highway contraflow for evacuation traffic. State and local leaders are being urged to prepare for tropical threats that could quickly escalate into major storms this hurricane season. 

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