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September 26th, 2007
NovAtel Inc. Launches OEMV Product Line Enhancements

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NovAtel Inc., a precise positioning technology company, launched today at the Satellite Division Technical Meeting of the Institute of Navigation (ION), Global Navigation Satellite Systems conference the latest enhancements to its OEMV product line, including Version 3.210 firmware release and the new SMART-V1G enclosure.

NovAtel has been focusing on increasing accuracy and quality at many levels within the OEMV product line.  The latest OEMV Version 3.210 firmware features many performance enhancements, including the addition of GLONASS measurement and position capability into NovAtel’s single frequency AdVance™ Real Time Kinematic (RTK) product models.  The benefit to users is significantly faster convergence times and increased productivity. The OEMV Version 3.210 firmware also features accuracy improvements for Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) yielding 60 centimeter or better stand-alone positioning in Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) and Canadian Differential Global Positioning System (CDGPS) correction services. NovAtel is committed to working to improve the performance of these correction services for customers and is currently the only manufacturer to incorporate and support CDGPS in its positioning engines.  Additional message support for improved network RTK and a new smoother positioning filter are also highlights of this latest firmware release.

NovAtel’s new SMART-V1G enclosure is based on the current SMART-V1 enclosure and gives users more flexibility when choosing a rugged smart antenna. The L1 SMART-V1G incorporates the new OEMV-1G card and Version 3.210 firmware to provide users with enhanced solution availability by using both GPS and GLONASS satellites. The SMART-V1G’s dual-constellation capability results in superior RT-20™ performance from a small self-contained enclosure.

“These OEMV product line enhancements highlight NovAtel’s commitment to improve and extend the usability and performance of our OEMV engines, providing the best possible precise positioning solutions to a growing and diverse customer base,” said Graham Purves, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for NovAtel.

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