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November 5th, 2021
Maptelligent, Inc., is Pleased to Announce a Partnership with Michael Quan with the Interactive Tactical Group

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Maptelligent’s persistence to bringing the latest in indoor mapping capability to its customers, providing an unparalleled digital twin solution set, in your building information management data continues to move forward.  The partnership between Maptelligent, Inc., and Michael Quan will provide imaging and 3D scanning technologies and geospatial visual intelligence professional services work, including Emesent Hovermap SLAM LIDAR scanning, Laser Scanning/ SLAM, Reality Capture, REVIT, BIM – Building Info Modeling Data Processing.

LIDAR technology is critical to understanding the real world, when coupled with Maptelligent’s ability to real-time GIS enable real world objects, it creates unique operational pictures and understanding.

Mr. Michael Quan with the Interactive Tactical Group, says, “The partnership with Maptelligent, Inc., is confirmation that Maptelligent, Inc., will offer many levels of capability to its clients and provide innovative digital twin capability.” Mr. Joseph Cosio-Barron, CEO for Maptelligent, Inc., says, “The partnership with Michael Quan with the Interactive Tactical Group offers us material significance when providing ground truth services to our clients. The expertise that the Michael Quan with the Interactive Tactical Group has built will provide our clients with a tool for more reliable and accurate information in the specialty space of indoor mapping capabilities.”

About Maptelligent, Inc.

Maptelligent’s mission is to provide information and data interoperability enabling organizations to quickly share information during a time of crisis. Maptelligent provides a geographic platform to access site-specific information enhancing physical security and facility management.

For more information, refer to, or contact: Joseph Cosio-Barron 415-990-8141

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