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October 8th, 2007
CH2M HILL Releases 2007 Sustainability Report

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CH2M HILL, a global full-service engineering, construction and operations firm, has released its 2007 Sustainability Report. The report describes the company’s activities in the areas of environment, people and community, and economic development. Notable accomplishments include the firm’s response to Hurricane Katrina, the largest cleanup and conversion of a nuclear site to developable land in U.S history, and creative application of landfill gas to fuel an industrial facility.

“In partnership with our clients, CH2M HILL has a direct and compelling influence on about $30 billion of constructed infrastructure every year. The economic footprint of this company in just a year’s time influences environmental and natural resources, growth, and jobs worldwide,” said Ralph Peterson, CH2M HILL’s chairman and chief executive officer.

In addition to company projects, the report shares CH2M HILL’s progress toward sustainable internal operations. Highlights include the firm’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, significant increases in recycling programs, and time and financial contributions to nonprofit and professional societies.

The report focuses on three main themes: the power of human intellect and ingenuity, the firm’s project work that provides lasting solutions in infrastructure and natural systems, and the integration of internal and external sustainable practices reflecting the triad of economic development, social well-being, and environmental protection. Some of the innovative projects featured in the report include a sustainability plan for an organic dairy in the US, wireless water-saving solutions for a vineyard, waterfront revitalization in Singapore, noteworthy safety innovations for an aluminum mill expansion, post-tsunami reconstruction efforts in Sri Lanka, and remediation projects that facilitate economic development.

“Sustainability-related trends—such as global water needs, climate change, and energy demands—have created an uncertain business environment in which new issues, legislation, stakeholder expectations, and technologies must be considered,” said Andrea Ramage, CH2M HILL’s Director of Sustainable Solutions. “This is true for our clients’ organizations as well as for CH2M HILL. To help our clients manage these risks, CH2M HILL is devoting significant resources to staying current with these changes and formulating problem-solving strategies. Some of these strategies are inherent in the project work that is featured in the new report,” added Ramage.

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