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September 26th, 2007
Carlson Survey 2008 Standalone Now Available

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Carlson Survey 2008 Standalone is ready to be shipped for those surveyors – and designers at civil engineering firms – who want to be outstanding in their field. Representing the culmination of 25 years of progress by Carlson Software in the development of surveying software, Carlson Survey 2008 Standalone features more than 70 improvements based on user input and designed to allow users to do more, do it better and in less time.

Carlson Survey 2008 Standalone gives its users the following:

  • drivers to connect to essentially every manufacturer’s proprietary hardware and software;
  • versatile and intuitive raw data editing and processing;
  • traverse adjustment;
  • the easiest and most powerful Field-to-Finish utility for automatic generation of linework and symbol placement;
  • legal description and deed writing and reading;
  • a full compliment of powerful COGO tools for every survey application,.
  • AND, the revolutionary LotNet for quick and easy subdivision design.

“When Carlson Software began in 1983, its first goal was to develop the absolutely best software solution for surveyors,” says Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software. “This updated version of Carlson Survey Standalone provides unprecedented automation together with user options that leave the control with the surveyor.”

Combined with Carlson SurvCE2.0, Carlson Survey 2008 Standalone allows users to almost magically transform field survey data into flawless maps and CAD drawings, complete with line work, symbols and points, all layered and drawn.

Carlson Survey 2008 Standalone also includes SurvNet, the invaluable Network Least Squares Program that enables users to simultaneously process and adjust networks of traverse, level and GPS data, handling the special conditions of triangulation, resection and trilateration. Users also get the ability to process Least Squares Loops and Networked Least Squares Loops in both 2D and 3D. Plus, sophisticated blunder detection tools help track down errors in raw data in this solid, sophisticated program.

In addition to the Standalone version, Carlson Survey 2008 also comes in a “For AutoCAD®” version and is part of the powerful Carlson Civil Suite, which includes, Carlson Civil, Carlson Survey, Carlson Hydrology, and Carlson GIS and automates all facets of the civil engineering project.

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