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October 15th, 2007
Autodesk Unveils U-Vis 360

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PR— Autodesk, Inc. announced the Autodesk U-Vis 360 Core, a new solution platform that integrates building design, manufacturing, mapping, and infrastructure data and displays it in a single visualization environment. Specifically tailored for federal and state and local governments, solutions built on the U-Vis 360 platform provide a complete and highly accurate 360-degree inside-outside-under view of any structure or urban environment with an easy-to-use interface.

The U-Vis platform integrates ‘smart’ engineering data, filters it according to specific task and then applies the appropriate interface – either a 2D web or a 3D game engine. The result is that non-technical users at all levels of federal and state and local governments can more easily integrate, visualize and experience complete precision information and data about an urban setting or structure in a digital environment—giving them immediate access and allowing them to make critical decisions more quickly and easily.

“U-Vis 360 provides an end-to-end solution our state and local and federal government customers have been asking for—an open-architecture, user-friendly platform that lets our customers visualize and access every aspect of their urban structures and cities before they take action,” said Bill Goodson, vice president, government sales, Autodesk. “With U-Vis 360, our customers can incorporate data and easily extend their current workflows throughout the entire process–from design to implementation and then out to delivery of applications most important to them: analysis, training and response. U-Vis 360 ultimately lets our customers make more informed decisions so they can reduce costs and protect present and future investments.”

“For over 25 years, Autodesk has been a leader in providing software that helps people design, build and manage everything from traffic lights to highways and skyscrapers. Information about this infrastructure is critically important, but, to date, has been scattered around different systems. With U-Vis 360, Autodesk is introducing an important visual decision management tool that will allow governments to pull this information together and organize it visually by location,” said David Sonnen, senior consultant at International Data Corporation. “U-Vis 360 provides a consistent structure for governments to access a wide variety of visual information so they can make better decisions—and save time and money in the process.”

While the U-Vis 360 platform was first created to support the needs of defense and intelligence agencies, the widespread capabilities captured in a U-Vis 360 solution set have proven valuable in a wide variety of applications for federal and state and local governments–including emergency response, urban planning, campus security and management, and facilities management.

U-Vis 360 enables users to incorporate existing data from commercial-off-the-shelf software, such as computer-aided design (CAD), geospatial information (GIS), building information modeling (BIM) and databases, to create complete and accurate urban environments for customers’ business application and analysis needs. The U-Vis 360 Core supports the development of multiple solutions from the same sets of source data for both technical and professional users.  At their fingertips, users from any level in the organization can find the top-line information they require to make quick and informed decisions, while technical users can still retain easy access to precision engineering data.

“By leveraging existing data customers already have stored in various software types, we are able to quickly create a precise and comprehensive 2D or 3D visual data integration solution containing that specific data,” said Juliana Slye, director of Autodesk Government. “The U-Vis 360 family of solutions delivers cost-effective applications for decision-makers who require collaboration across the enterprise and need a complete inside-outside-under view of any structure.”

Partners and Availability
Autodesk is working jointly with a number of its partners to deliver customized, powerful solutions based on the U-Vis 360 platform to specialized government markets and agencies. Several of these solutions are available today. To further Autodesk’s open platform approach, Autodesk is also working with its partners to develop a software development kit (SDK) and an application programming interface (API).

More information on the Autodesk U-Vis 360 Core can be found at

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