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August 19th, 2007

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‘Promoting Spatial Design for a Sustainable Tomorrow’


Society faces many challenges that increase the importance of developing suitable and sustainable physical infrastructure. There’s a growing need to understand the processes and systems that build infrastructure to support healthy, sustainable and quality living conditions. To gain this understanding requires geospatial tools and technologies, applications and knowledge that integrate the processes and dynamic nature of holistic systems where economic development and people meet.

Vector1 Media is an integrated media company serving the international marketplace. We are dedicated to providing information that supports economical technologies and processes that promote sustainable environments. Building upon a foundation of design principles and infrastructure disciplines, and tempered with the understanding of processes, Vector1 Media pursues visualization, modeling, spatial analysis, GIS, simulation, surveying and sensor technologies for holistic management planning and decision making.

Our goal is to realize the principle of sustainable living through successful and sustainable economic development using these technologies and applications. People are an integral aspect of infrastructure development and geographic analysis tools will connect residents to infrastructure. Vector1 Media will push for the adoption of integrated spatially-based systems and knowledge where advances can be achieved with high-impact returns on investment and improved quality of life.

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