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October 5th, 2007
Visibility and dominance analysis: Assessing a high building project in Trondheim

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We present a visibility and dominance analysis used for a visual impact assessment of a planned high building located in a central area in Trondheim, Norway. Our visibility analysis results in cumulative viewsheds depicting from which areas one can see one or more of the viewpoints representing the planned high building and from where you cannot. A visibility analysis in a city landscape must include visual obstacles as existing buildings and trees to be credible. The dominance analysis adds to the visibility analysis a measure on how visual dominant the high building would be. The dominance measure is based on distance to the building and how much of it that would be visible from any observation point. Our aim has been to generate an assessment of visibility and dominance which could function on a global level as opposed to photomontages which operate on a local level.
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