TerraGo, a pioneer of geospatial collaboration, field data collection and enterprise mobility software, announces the availability of TerraGo Magic version 2.0. With TerraGo Magic, an organization’s end users can rapidly build cloud-enabled iOS, Android and web apps, customized with their unique branding, workflow and features, without the expense of mobile software development, maintenance and operations.

“TerraGo Magic means we can assemble different apps with exactly the features the customer needs at the click of a button,” said Ben Chadbourne, Project Coordinator at Ameresco. “With the latest version, our end users have even more flexibility and visibility into the app they’re building. Not only can they turn features on and off but they can preview the app instantly from the app studio, allowing them to publish a custom-built app without having developers build it from scratch.”

“TerraGo Magic is really about flipping the script on the app development backlog by enabling end users to assemble apps with proven features, exposed as configuration options in an easy-to-use interface,” said Dave Basil, Vice President of Product Development at TerraGo. “It’s the power of the “write once, reuse many” adage, but instead of limiting the user base to professional developers, we’ve extended it to enable masses of end users to build their own apps, creating a productivity play for the entire enterprise.”

TerraGo Magic features are operationally-proven from a global customer base and field-tested across numerous industries for all types of workflows including data collection, mapping, asset management, inspection, survey, remote workforce management, dispatch, customer service, mobile forms, field reporting, advanced GIS, high-precision GPS and other field operations.

Register now for a webinar on June 6, 2017 at 12:00 PM ET to learn more and see a live demonstration of how TerraGo Magic can build a custom enterprise app from start to finish in less than 5 minutes.

If you want to understand more about TerraGo Magic, visit us at http://magic.terragotech.com.


About TerraGo

TerraGo develops software applications and mobile apps that make it easy for our customers to collect data, share information and work together anywhere, any time. From sharing feature-rich maps and imagery to deploying on-demand apps for a mobile workforce, TerraGo builds intuitive products that enable collaboration from any place on the planet.

Founded in 2005, TerraGo invented the industry’s most widely adopted geospatial collaboration technology with its innovative GeoPDF products and is revolutionizing field data collection with its TerraGo Edge mobile platform.

TerraGo’s customers include the world’s leading defense and intelligence departments, government agencies, non-profits and commercial enterprises in every industry, with over 2,000 global customers based in over 70 countries and all 50 US states.