TerraGo, a pioneer of geospatial collaboration, field data collection and enterprise mobility software, announces the availability of TerraGo Edge 3.9.6 with a number of new, powerful features for iOS®, Android® and web users. These new features are also immediately available with the TerraGo Magic zero-code platform as a service, which lets end users build custom apps without any code, at a fraction of the cost of traditional development.

“The latest updates to TerraGo Edge already include features based on recent feedback from both our office and field teams.” said Matthew Colvin, Junior Team Lead, Corrosion Service. “With some big software vendors, you submit request forms, send support emails, and wait months or years, if ever, to see a requested feature. TerraGo’s customer-driven, agile process keeps us in the loop so we see rapid delivery of high-impact capabilities for our projects.”

“Our innovation is a direct result of focusing on the speed of getting the best ideas from our customers’ operations into our app features,” said Dave Basil, Vice President of Product Development at TerraGo. “Whether it’s their field users looking for efficiency or the IT stakeholder that needs to integrate with back-end systems, our fast-paced collaboration means our customers get powerful, new features faster and that keeps them ahead of their competition.”

Register now for the webinar on Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT, to see TerraGo Edge’s latest features, including:

  • New tools to support ArcGIS and enterprise integration: ArcGIS and enterprise integration is now easier than ever using the TerraGo Edge REST API with the addition of sample code for every Edge REST endpoint via popular Postman API utility.
  • Automated note names with custom form fields: Configure the one-click QuickNote in any notebook to name notes by a specific form field, enabling maximum speed in the field and user-friendly data management and searching.
  • Attach maps and forms to multiple notebooks simultaneously: Speed up your pre-field work preparation by using this new feature which will allow you quickly attach maps and forms to many notebooks at the same time.
  • Import multiple GeoPDFs and GeoTIFFs at the same time: Select or drag & drop many GeoPDFs/GeoTIFFs at the same time for user-friendly, high-volume parallel processing of your aerial imagery or offline basemaps.
  • New media filenames to help associate media to projects: The media (pictures, videos and audio) filename process now includes notebook name, note name, and a time and date stamp, to help easily identify, search and sort your media files.

Try the TerraGo Edge iOS or Android app for free.