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October 3rd, 2023
SBG Systems unveils Qinertia 4 packed with much awaited new features

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Carrières-sur-Seine – SBG Systems, a leading provider of advanced inertial navigation systems and software solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Qinertia 4 on November 7th. This version introduces several innovative features that provide users with a complete solution for precise trajectory and motion analysis.

Qinertia, the de facto choice of surveyors, is a superior post-processing software delivering better precision and reliability compared to RTK systems. It is continually updated to incorporate user feedback and add new features. Its latest version, Qinertia 4, features a multitude of new capabilities and enhancements.

Qinertia 4 is packed with an array of innovative functionalities that push the boundaries of navigation capabilities. Its enhanced Geodesy engine boasts an extensive selection of preconfigured Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) and transformations, making it a versatile solution in applications that use diverse geodetic data. Whether you are in land surveying, hydrography, airborne surveys, construction, or any other field requiring precise positioning, the engine ensures seamless and accurate processing in the right datum and coordinate system.

To tackle the challenges of variable ionospheric activity, Qinertia 4 introduces Ionoshield PPK mode. This cutting-edge feature compensates for ionospheric conditions and baseline distances, allowing users to perform Post-Processing Kinematics (PPK) even for long baselines and/or harsh ionospheric conditions. This ensures surveyors achieve centimeter accuracy even in regions with unpredictable ionospheric disturbances.

Another exciting addition to Qinertia 4 is the extended CORS network support. This feature gives users access* to a vast network of 5000 SmartNet Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) for reliable GNSS data processing. These base stations add to the already impressive network of base stations directly available in Qinertia, bringing the total to over 10,000 bases in 164 countries. This global coverage ensures that Qinertia remains a reliable and efficient solution, regardless of geographic location. In addition, users can import their own base station data and verify its position integrity with Precise Point Positioning (PPP).

For data that cannot be processed using PPK (for example, in regions without a nearby base station), Qinertia 4 offers an alternative solution with its new tightly coupled PPP algorithm. This new processing mode, available for all customers with active Qinertia maintenance, provides post-processing anywhere in the world without a base station, with a horizontal accuracy of 4cm and a vertical accuracy of 8cm.

“We are very proud about the launch of Qinertia 4,” said Léa Lian, Software Product Manager at SBG Systems. “It is an exciting milestone for us! With its cutting-edge functionalities and user-centric approach, Qinertia 4 simplifies the post-processing of global navigation and positioning data for professionals. We are confident that it will provide our users with the tools they need to excel in their specialized fields and set new standards of excellence.”

Qinertia’s new functionalities will be demonstrated live at the next Intergeo exhibition in Berlin.


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About SBG Systems

SBG Systems is a leading global provider of advanced inertial navigation solutions, and post processing software. Since its founding in 2007, SBG Systems has developed a reputation for delivering compact, high-precision, and innovative solutions for a wide range of industries, including autonomous vehicles, robotics, marine, and more. The company’s commitment to excellence and dedication to pushing the boundaries of navigation technology make it a trusted partner for organizations seeking reliable and accurate sensor solutions.

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