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May 21st, 2024
Promo Drone Secures Letter of Intent for 20 Starling X.2 Units from Cohen Ventures

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More than 20 commercial drone units will be used across Cohen Ventures and its subsidiaries including outdoor advertising company Unhinged Media


(SAN DIEGO) – Promo Drone, an aerial advertising and emergency response company, announces Cohen Ventures, a commercial real estate and capital investment firm based outside of Baltimore, has signed a letter of intent to purchase 20 units of the Starling X.2, a rapid response messaging and advertorial commercial drone. Unhinged Media, a mobile digital LED billboard truck company and a subsidiary of Cohen Ventures, will utilize the Starling X.2 for future aerial advertising campaigns.

Cohen Ventures intends to utilize the Starling X.2 for advertising and marketing campaigns across its current verticals, including leveraging its commercial real estate portfolio and event advertising at various outdoor locations such as beaches and music festivals. All flights will be conducted in compliance with FAA Part 107 regulations by certified remote pilots in command and supporting flight crew.

“This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to innovation and pushing technological boundaries in outdoor communication,” said Jamar Williams, CEO & Founder of Promo Drone. “Together, we are poised to transform the landscape of interactive media. This is just the beginning of a global initiative to connect people worldwide with dynamic and action-driven messaging. We envision a future where this innovative platform becomes an integral part of global communication, bridging audiences with compelling and relevant content on a truly global scale.”

Leveraging the innovative Commander 3XL airframe developed by Draganfly Inc., the Starling X.2 will enable Unhinged Media to implement dynamic and engaging advertisements in the sky, including the ability to display a QR code for action-driven interactions. Pre-ordered units are expected for delivery in early 2025. Cohen Ventures will have reseller rights in several East Coast territories, including New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, further expanding the reach of the Starling X.2 technology.

“We plan on revolutionizing the outdoor advertising industry starting with Beach Town, USA. The Starling X.2 allows us to create flying video advertisements that are exciting, engaging and aesthetically pleasing, “said Richard Cohen, CEO & Founder of Cohen Ventures & Unhinged Media. “I’m sure we can also appreciate that these drones are a much greener alternative than the older model planes you see pulling banners, and we are poised to create more impactful results for our clients. We are currently navigating a framework to operate safely soon.”

The Starling X.2 represents a significant advancement in aerial advertising technology, offering rapid response messaging capabilities and enhanced advertorial features. For more information about Promo Drone and the Starling X.2, visit

About Promo Drone

Promo Drone is a rapid response messaging and aerial drone advertising solution. In partnership with drone manufacturer Draganfly Inc., Promo Drone offers the Starling X.2, an aerial drone with a digital LED display that hosts messaging and visuals.  For more information about Promo Drone or to pre-order a Starling X.2, visit


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