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June 4th, 2024
OverIT launches the new product NextGen Geo to modernize the end-to-end linear asset lifecycle

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BOSTON — The FSM software leading company expands its product portfolio adding geospatial capabilities into its existing Field Service and Field Collaboration offerings.


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In today’s fast-paced world, the management of linear assets is more crucial than ever before. From utilities to telecommunications, the efficient operation of linear assets is the backbone of countless industries and significantly impacts the daily lives of entire communities.

NextGen Geo represents a pivotal advancement for organizations managing linear assets, addressing the evolving needs of customers beyond mere mapping. OverIT’s vision is rooted in providing the full lifecycle management of geospatial data to manage mission-critical operations.

NextGen Geo addresses complex use cases proving essential for ensuring uninterrupted service delivery. With 20+ years of expertise, OverIT can provide GIS solutions to the entire set of mission-critical use cases. Whether it’s network design, real-time tracking of “as-build vs designed,” or emergency management, OverIT helps organizations to make decisions, while keeping high data quality.

Moreover, customers frequently depend on multiple disparate GIS systems. In response to this challenge, OverIT offers a unified SaaS solution that serves as a single pane of glass for accessing updated GIS data across all systems. This ensures that vital information is accessible “anytime, anywhere.”

“We are on the path to being the trusted digital partners for mission critical operations in Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Telco, and Transportation,” said Paolo Bergamo, Chief Executive Officer at OverIT. “The release of NextGen Geo expands our footprint of solutions in that direction. It helps companies keep the quality of complex network data high and make it available across all departments. Moreover, this new product provides organizations with vital insights on the network, supporting decision-making in complex scenarios. NextGen Geo modernizes the end-to-end linear asset lifecycle!”

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About OverIT

OverIT, backed by Bain Capital and NB Renaissance, is a multinational company with 20+ years of international and cross-industry experience in Field Service Management software. The company is recognized by premier global advisory and consulting organizations as a leading FSM and AR industries vendor, according to its product offering and deep industry expertise. OverIT has over 300 customers in 30+ countries.

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