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January 23rd, 2023
Orbit Logic awarded NOAA JPSS planning software contract

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Earth Resources Technology, Inc. (ERT) has a awarded Orbit Logic a subcontract in support of its Operations and Maintenance Support (OMS) Prime Contract with the NOAA to enhance and improve mission planning and scheduling software for their Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) satellites.

This award is an expansion of Orbit Logic’s ongoing work on the COTS-based Enterprise Automated Scheduling Implementation (EASI) planning system for NOAA. The new contract effort will focus on further integrating JPSS planning into the overall EASI planning architecture, enhancing interfaces and improving automated workflows and planning product generation for JPSS.

The JPSS effort will add detailed JPSS mission planning to EASI on top of the JPSS contact scheduling already being performed by EASI. Multiple JPSS planning functions and products currently generated on a JPSS, mission-unique planning solution, will now transition to EASI. This effort is in line with NOAA’s goal to perform enterprise mission management functionality within a single platform instead of managing multiple software solutions across each mission. This approach reduces software maintenance complexity and costs, and provides a more efficient overall solution.

At the core of Orbit Logic’s EASI solution is their STK Scheduler software; an operationally proven COTS product that has made Orbit Logic a leading provider of planning and scheduling software for the space industry.

The EASI solution is incrementally replacing several existing mission management systems for each satellite constellation by integrating each, as well as their ground antennas, into a single enterprise solution. Orbit Logic will work with JPSS planners and engineers to transfer JPSS-unique requirements into the currently deployed EASI architecture. After deployment, Orbit Logic will train NOAA schedulers on the new integrated planning solution. The JPSS planning solution will leverage existing deployed EASI capabilities and add JPSS-specific modular extensions and interfaces.

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