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March 18th, 2024
Ommatidia LiDAR Welcomes Frank Petznick as Independent Advisor to Propel Next-Generation LiDAR Innovations

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MADRID – Ommatidia LiDAR, a leading innovator in Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, is pleased to announce the addition of Frank Petznick as an Independent Director. With a distinguished career in technology and innovation in the automotive industry, Petznick offers expertise that enhances Ommatidia’s strategic direction and reinforces its commitment to revolutionizing 3D sensing technology.

Petznick comes to Ommatidia LiDAR with a wealth of experience, having held senior positions at major firms and contributed to groundbreaking advancements in autonomous vehicles and smart sensing solutions. His role at Ommatidia LiDAR will involve guiding the its go-to-market efforts, fostering strategic partnerships, and advising on technology strategy to ensure the company stays at the forefront of the LiDAR industry.

“I am excited to join Ommatidia LiDAR, a company that stands out for its innovative spirit and its potential to redefine the future of LiDAR technology,” said Petznick. “I look forward to contributing to the company’s growth and helping to accelerate the development of LiDAR solutions that will transform industries and improve our understanding of the world.”

Eduardo Margallo, CEO of Ommatidia LiDAR, expressed his enthusiasm about Petznick’s appointment, stating, “Having Frank Petznick on our advisory board is a significant milestone for Ommatidia LiDAR. His extensive experience and visionary approach to technology will be invaluable as we continue to advance our LiDAR solutions and explore new applications. Frank’s guidance will undoubtedly propel us towards achieving our vision of leading the next wave of innovation in the LiDAR sector.”

Ommatidia LiDAR is dedicated to advancing the capabilities of spatial sensing and perception through its cutting-edge LiDAR technology. The company’s solutions are instrumental in a variety of applications, including autonomous vehicles, industrial metrology, construction, and smart cities, enhancing safety, efficiency, and automation across these fields.

With Frank Petznick’s appointment, Ommatidia LiDAR reaffirms its commitment to maintaining a leadership position in the development of innovative LiDAR technologies that meet the complex demands of the modern world.

About Ommatidia LiDAR

Ommatidia LiDAR is a pioneering company specializing in advanced LiDAR and remote sensing systems based on its massively parallel FMCW sensors. Based in Madrid, Spain, with research and development facilities worldwide, Ommatidia is committed to delivering high-precision, reliable LiDAR solutions for a wide range of applications, including space exploration, industrial measurement, and automotive safety. By pushing the boundaries of LiDAR technology, Ommatidia aims to enhance global efforts towards automation and digital transformation.

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