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November 13th, 2023
Introducing vSite: The Geospatial Digital Twin Transforming Construction Sites

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Toronto, November 13, 2023 – Today marks a significant leap forward in connected construction as vGIS unveils vSite, an innovative AR & AI-powered digital twin designed to revolutionize how construction sites are managed and completed. By integrating a geospatial hub, advanced visualization, and site-specific augmented reality, vSite provides an unparalleled solution for project teams working on infrastructure projects to solve many of the site communication and collaboration challenges that lead to project delays, and cost overruns.

Empowering Construction Project Managers and Teams

vSite is designed to meet the rigorous demands of large-scale linear construction projects, such as utility relocations, roads and bridges. It enables general contractor project managers, engineers, subcontractors, and field workers to stay connected, minimize delays, and reduce errors and rework. With vSite, teams can ensure that projects remain on schedule and within budget, fostering a collaborative environment that resolves conflicts swiftly and efficiently.

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency on Site

Safety is paramount on any construction site. vSite addresses this critical need by visually identifying potential problem areas, empowering foremen and workers to take preventive measures. The platform’s comprehensive 3D site visualization, combined with real-time data representation and a unique AR site view, ensures that all stakeholders have access to up-to-date, location-specific information, contributing to a safer and more efficient work environment.

Key Features and Unique Selling Points

vSite revolutionizes construction project management with immersive 3D visualization, seamless integration with existing construction industry tools like Autodesk Construction Cloud, and precise real-time data representation. Its unique AR site view and intuitive location-context task management enhance on-site efficiency, while auditable documentation ensures transparency and accountability across all project stages. Available on any device, vSite offers a comprehensive and versatile solution for the connected construction industry.

General Availability

vSite is officially available for use starting November 15, 2023, and is officially being launched at Autodesk University in Las Vegas.  Following a successful period of adoption by early users earlier this year, vSite is now ready to empower construction teams across the industry.

About vSite and vGIS

vGIS’s journey began with a mission to make hidden underground infrastructure visible using GIS information and AR. Insight from these customers’ challenges have led to vSite’s creation.

Contact Information For press inquiries or additional questions about vSite, please contact Alec Pestov.

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