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July 11th, 2024
Intellias Cooperates with ZENRIN to Deliver Japan Map Data at Global Scale

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MUNICH — Global software engineering and consulting firm  Intellias, announces the establishment of a partnership with leading Japan map data provider ZENRIN to develop cutting-edge digital maps enriched with Japan map data tailored for modern vehicle navigation systems.

As active members of the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) association — which contributes to efficient and accurate mapping technology — the two companies are focused on leveraging their proven expertise, approaches, and tools to stay at the forefront of efficient and sustainable automotive innovation.

Intellias applies its mapping and navigation expertise to commercial projects with global clients and contributes to data standards for the automotive industry. ZENRIN brings over 70 years of experience in mapping services, building a strong reputation as a provider of maps that cover the entire territory of Japan.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Intellias as a new possibility to expand our businesses. Having a strong relationship with a global software engineering market leader like Intellias helps us contribute to the growth of global business related to the automotive segment.”

Takao Furuya, VP, Head of Mobility & Smart City at ZENRIN

ZENRIN approached Intellias as a global player with an established footprint across worldwide locations and an expert in mapping and location markets to bring their Japanese maps to the specific data formats for global delivery. Accordingly, Intellias assistance in the transformation and optimization of specific map data will empower ZENRIN to expand its business to wider markets, introducing modern mapping development approaches and tools. Both companies plan to find common touchpoints for further development of their cooperation, applying innovative technologies to enable mutual business growth.

“We recognize the cooperation with ZENRIN as the next step in our globalization strategy that signifies our commitment to deliver excellence in mapping technology to wider regions. We anticipate diving deeper into the Japanese mapping market, learning from the best in the field. Together, we are going to deliver exceptional experiences to drivers around the world, equipping them with data-rich maps to navigate their journeys.”

Oleksandr Odukha, Senior VP Delivery, Head of Mobility at Intellias

In the course of Intellias strategic globalization initiative, the company is focused on building its presence in the APAC region through newly formed alliances in this market. The cooperation with ZENRIN will provide a unique opportunity to expand the Intellias local footprint in Asia, leveraging its 20 years of proven engineering DNA and expertise to deliver accurate navigation systems to global OEMs and automotive solution providers. Intellias recognizes ZENRIN, a leader in Japan map data and services, as an ideal partner to achieve visible progress in both directions, expand to the APAC region, and demonstrate the company’s expertise in mapping solutions development.

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