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May 13th, 2024
Going global: Geospatial Insight integrates Spatial Days to expand online climate services

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Geospatial Insight (GSI), a leading provider of global climate and risk intelligence, has announced the integration of Spatial Days, experts in online geospatial data management and GIS/Earth Observation software development to enhance its online climate service portfolio.

Building upon GSI’s existing portfolio of ESG and climate-targeted solutions, this alliance will create a more developed service offering, utilising Spatial Days’ strong position within the environmental sector to accelerate future growth.

Taking effect on the 1st of May, Spatial Days’ product offering now sits within Geospatial Insight’s portfolio, including their sophisticated data management and cataloguing solutions. Richard Oates, CEO of Spatial Days said “Our mission has always been to facilitate environmental and humanitarian initiatives using innovative geospatial and earth observation approaches  and by expanding our access to a wider breadth of technologies, imagery partners and markets, the full potential of the products we have been developing over the past few years will now be realised.”

In recent years, Geospatial Insight has developed a growing climate-related business, and with Spatial Days now on board they will be able meet the growing needs for relevant information and data, supporting many businesses in their transition towards decarbonisation. “Spatial Days’ expertise and capabilities in geospatial data management are market-leading,” said Dave Fox, CEO of Geospatial Insight. “With the ever-increasing alignment of our goals in the wider climate transition arena, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to join forces.”


About Geospatial Insight

Geospatial Insight is Europe’s leading provider of intelligence and insight derived from the analysis of satellite imagery and other geospatial data, fusing these outputs with a range of other data sources to provide in-depth market insight and business analytics to clients in the energy, financial and insurance sectors.

Geospatial Insight is currently working on several exciting opportunities including, in partnership with the University of Leicester and partners in the Arabian Gulf, the development of CO2Sat to monitor and detect point-source CO2 emissions, funded by the UK Space Agency.

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