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August 13th, 2020
GeoSpace Labs Releases New Fleet Command Cloud Platform for its Suite of Geowiz ELD Products

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OCALA, Fla. – GeoSpace Labs is pleased to announce the general availability of its new Fleet Commander cloud back office platform. This new platform provides j1939 and j1708 data updates every 15 seconds to back-end office users, completely visualized and geospatially encoded.

“We dusted off our computer science, mathematics, and engineering degrees to tackle providing the fastest real-time ELD updates in the industry,” said Dr. David Lady, GeoSpace CEO and lead engineer, “we have spent the last year perfecting the mobile communications platform and decided it was time to transition to updating the cloud platform to match the amazing data streams we have built.”

However, 15 seconds is not the goal of the Geowiz ELD platform, “Our next release in about 3 weeks will bring ONE SECOND data streams,” concluded Lady.

This will mean a fleet manager can make decisions in PERFECT REAL TIME using knowledge of every aspect of a nationally distributed fleet of vehicles and driver hours of service legal requirements including over 100 onboard computer parameters (this is more real-time decision making data provided faster than most air traffic controllers have available). Further, the historical data streams are stored in our cloud data array for deep analytics going back 6 months.

The new Fleet Commander platform also provides real-time weather data fully integrated into the fleet geospatial views, so multiple data points are available when dispatching. This includes the exact operating status of power units and associated trailers and chassis, any reported suspect codes from the power unit engines onboard computer, the drivers exact working status like how many hours driven and how many hours legally remaining to drive, the fuel status of the vehicle, weather conditions for the entire trip, and customer geospatial coordinates.

The Geowiz suite of ELD units are some of the highest rated units in the market by professional commercial drivers, demonstrating high value for both field users and officer personnel. The Geowiz ELD was introduced in the market in 2014 by GeoSpace Labs and has grown to over 30,000 users across its core and specialized systems.

It can be purchased at:

GeoSpace Labs provides professional Hours of Service Systems covering AOBRD, ELD, IFTA, and DVIR with 49 CFR 395, 396 automation, and includes deep and unique handling of different exemptions offered by the FMCSA, including unassigned driving, 16 Hour Short-Haul Exception 395.1(o), Agriculture Exemption 395.1(k), 100 Air Mile Short-Haul Exemption 395.1(e)(1), and Vehicles used in oil and gas field operations 395.1(d)(2).

For more information please visit the GeoSpace Labs website at or call 877.443.6949.

Media Contact:
David Lady

SOURCE GeoSpace Labs

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