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May 15th, 2024
Allen & Company Supports NASA & UCF Contest for Over 40 College Teams to Design Lunar Autonomous Vehicles

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A groundbreaking partnership between Allen & Company and the Lunabotics Challenge has inspired the next generation of space engineers and innovators.

Conquering the surface of the moon begins in Florida. Over 40 college teams are competing in a NASA contest to design lunar autonomous vehicles that can effectively function in a simulated lunar environment that resembles the moon. The first round of the contest called the “Lunabotics Challenge,” was hosted at the University of Central Florida on May 11-14; finalists advanced to the Kennedy Space Center during May 15-17.  With the theme of mining on the moon, the challenge before these contestants is to excavate dirt and be able to build a berm on the lunar surface. This exciting event sees college students working collectively on a terrestrial-based challenge that will soon have extraterrestrial applications.

Allen & Company, a Florida-based mapping, surveying, and geospatial services company partnered with Riegl USA and Division Manager TLS, Tan Nguyen, on this effort to leverage the hardware, software and insight from the global leader in LiDAR technology. This partnership helps facilitate and sponsor both events. Kyle Binni, Director of Sales and Business Development for Allen & Company, attended the events and is proud to nurture and develop the next generation of engineers and designers.


“Continued investment in STEM education is key for maintaining competitiveness in a global marketplace driven by innovation from both governments and private enterprises like Blue Origin, Caterpillar, and SpaceX,” said Binni. “We believe strong support for the Lunabotics Challenge is critical and we stand behind college students who are making these advancements.”


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