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May 13th, 2024
Abdullah Al-Ajmi, space business development director for Lockheed Martin in Saudi Arabia

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Abdullah Al-Ajmi is the space business development director for Lockheed Martin in Saudi Arabia. He is responsible for coordinating and bolstering the Kingdom’s space efforts.

In addition to fostering strategic cooperation between government and commercial enterprises, Al-Ajmi oversees the facilitation of scientific experiments and international research collaborations, as well as the administration of future space-related missions.

A retired brigadier general of the Royal Saudi Air Force and Ministry of Defense, he has a wealth of expertise and experience in remote sensing and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance and space systems.

He has also served as the ministry’s satellite directorate director and participated in several space committees facilitated by the Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council for almost two decades.

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, he has contributed significantly to a range of committees and projects. He served on the RSAF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and space committees and was also part of the F-15SA RSAF program under the RSAF and US Air Forces partnership.

In his previous roles, he demonstrated exceptional leadership as the head of the technical group for several ISR and space systems. Throughout his career he has been actively involved in the RSAF UAV committee, the Saudi-French Space Technical Group, Saudi/UK reconnaissance projects and the Saudi-US Armament committee.

Al-Ajmi holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from King Saud University. He then graduated as a military officer from King Faisal Air Academy and earned a master’s degree in military use of remote sensing from Oklahoma State University in the US.

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