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October 18th, 2011
V1 Newsletter-Vol. 5, Issue 42

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V1 Newsletter

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V1 Magazine | Features | News | Perspectives | Calendar | Bookstore Vol 5 / Issue 42/Oct. 18, 2011


Many people talk about the relationship of geographic information systems (GIS) to surveying. To a distant observer, it sounds as if they are connected, seamless and supporting work flows beyond singular operations alone. Are surveying equipment manufacturers creating work flows outside of computer-aided design (CAD) that truly integrate GIS?  Are GIS users working with surveying data for all kinds of measurements? What are the issues and where are the limitations?

– Jeff Thurston, editor, Europe, Middle East and Africa


Mapping: The Dynamic Mapumental Tool

Mapumental is a start up of mySociety, the organisation that builds award-winning non-profit websites and carries out commercial work for clients such the BBC, The Guardian, Google, and national and local government. In 2007 the project started develop prototypes for real time maps that could handle huge amounts of travel data. In 2009 it won an investment loan from Channel 4 and Screen West Midlands to build a prototype tool, and, in 2010, a full version of Mapumental.



Jeff’s Link

  1. GLIMS – Global Land Ice Measurements from Space 
  2. WGMS – World Glacier Monitoring Service
  3. Sense of Patterns – Visualizing mobility data in public places
  4. Data visualization vs. infographics
  5. – designing for effective visualization

Matt’s Links

  1. A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change – an EPA educational resource
  2. Free GIS Datasets – a compilation from a PhD graduate student
  3. Visualizing Yahoo! Mail – a map-based interface with a real-time view
  4. Imagine Nations – handmade artistic globes
  5. How Old is Your Globe – a list of country name changes and dates

Reader’s Links (submit links to [email protected])


Wide Area Engineering and the Future of GIS

ron_lake_thumbGIS has its roots in what a geographer or cartographer might call “small-scale” information, information primarily related to issues of land management and the environment.  In the early days, there were many competing acronyms for what is now known as GIS, such as Land Information Systems (LIS), and Facility Information or Facility Management Systems (FMS).  As people began to realize that all of these different concepts were based on a common set of underlying capabilities (e.g. the ability to represent, manage, and visualize 2D geometry), these other terms came to describe various types of GIS applications, a situation which continues today.



Interview: Trimble’s Unified Geospatial Division Sets the Pace

thumb katherinesandfordA series of acquisitions and a new unified purpose within Trimble’s GeoSpatial Division have caught the eyes of many. Mobile mapping, aerial imaging, photogrammetry and laser scanning are now integrated toward a common goal. With a capability to supplement these areas with high quality positioning and navigation data, the company is at the forefront. Asian Surveying and Mapping editor Jeff Thurston interviewed Katherine Sandford, General Manager – Trimble’s GeoSpatial Division to learn about recent changes and the new focused goals.

Deutsch GIS: Delivering at INTERGEO

gerd buziek_esri_thumbEsri Deutschland has long been involved in geographic information systems (GIS), providing software, consulting and training throughout Germany.  Jeff Thurston, editor at V1 Magazine interviewed Gerd Buziek, Director Communications & Public Affairs at Esri Deutschland to learn about the company and some of the ongoing work across the country as INTERGEO 2011 took place in Nuremburg.



Climate Adaptation and Flood Risk in Coastal Cities

This book presents information about climate adaptation and flood risk scenarios for coastal cities. Jakarta, Rotterdam and New York are selected for investigation. The book considers areas that are not adjacent to coastal areas that contribute to flood risk impacts such as drought and temperature changes. The authors wonder if new infrastructure can be designed to meet these challenges, and how existing facilities and areas can mitigate impacts. 


Vector One
  1. Latvia and Estonia: Final European Geodetic Measurements Today
  2. Looking Back In Time: Is GIS Working?
  3. Baltic Sea Region: Six New Programs Funded
  4. 1st Soyuz Set For Launch in French Guiana
  5. Blom Expands the Use of UAVs for Aerial Mapping

Spatial Sustain

  1. Goodbye NBII: Budget Cuts Spell the End of the National Biological Information Infrastructure
  2. Big Data Applied to Climate and Agriculture as a Service
  3. NSF Begins Large Study on Sustainable Cities
  4. Massachusetts Map Dealer Unveils
  5. New Zealand Oil Spill Triggers Aerial Surveillance Charter

AGF Banner


INTERGEO 2011: Knowledge and Action for Planet Earth

IG11 logo_Unttit2_rgb_150dpi_10cm_EThe 17th Annual INTERGEO was held this past week in the historic city of Nuremberg, Germany. This event brought together 16,000 people from 80 countries, and delivered 140 presentations on a variety of topics to a conference audience in addition to presenting one of the largest trade show in the world, including the latest products and services for surveying, mapping, GNSS and GIS professionals and interested parties.

Autovation Successfully Bridges Sensors and Systems

Autovation, the smart utility conference run by Utilimetrics, took on new content this year with a track organized by the Geospatial Information Technology Association (GITA). The event took place from Sept. 25-28 at the Gaylort National Resort in Washington, D.C., drawing a strong crowd of electric and water utilities that are committed to the promise of intelligent infrastructure.


buildingSMART – Clear Comprehensive Overview of IFC-compliant Software

British MPs Publish Report on Building Infrastructure in Developing Countries

Unprecedented Arctic Ozone Hole May Lead to Health and Crop Damage in North America

Insitu Pacific Monitors Marine Mammals with ScanEagle Unmanned Aircraft System

DigitalGlobe and Ball Aerospace Successfully Complete Critical Design Review for WorldView-3



Committee On Spatial, Land Use Planning Inaugurated

Mapping the City’s DNA

US Air Traffic Control System At Risk

The Future of Brazil is the Natural Knowledge Economy

Google to Open a New Data Centre in Dublin

webbanner gispro11


Geomatics 2011, Oct. 12-13, Montreal, Canada

North American Cartographic Information Society, Oct. 12-14, Madison, Wisc.

Asia Geospatial Forum, Oct. 17-19, Jakarta, Indonesia

GEOINT Symposium, Oct. 16-19, San Antonio, Texas

Africa GIS Conference, Oct. 23-27, Cairo, Egypt

GITA GIS for Oil and Gas Conference, Oct. 24-26, Houston, Texas




Beyond Smart Cities: How Cities Network, Learn and Innovate (2012)

By Tim Campbell

The book brings together design practitioners and theorists, economists, engineers, artists, policy makers, environmental scientists, and public health specialists, with the goal of reaching a more robust understanding of ecological urbanism and what it might be in the future.

By L. Hunter Lovins, Boyd Cohen

Coping with climate change requires challenging conventional wisdom and showing where our interests—global, national, corporate, and personal—really lie. Climate Capitalism eloquently defines those interests and the role that market forces could and should play.


Introduction to Geospatial Technologies (2011)

By Bradley Shellito

This book introduces the wide range of geographic information systems available to and used by geographers.  Each chapter is divided into two sections:an introduction to the technology and a hands-on lab activity



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