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February 5th, 2008
USGIF Accredits Universities Under First-Ever Geospatial Intelligence Accreditation and Certificate

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PR — Three national universities have received accreditation for their geospatial intelligence programs by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).

The University of Missouri at Columbia, Pennsylvania State University and George Mason University became the first schools to be accredited under USGIF’s Geospatial Intelligence Accreditation and Certificate Program, the first and only program of its kind.

“These three exceptional universities should be very proud of their courses and support of the geospatial intelligence tradecraft,” said Stu Shea, USGIF president and chairman. “GMU, Mizzou and Penn State can be confident their teachings are not only relevant but also translate directly to real-word situations their students will encounter in their professional careers.”

The Geospatial Intelligence Accreditation and Certificate Program complements a college degree, supports career development and provides professional recognition to the students in a form of a completion certificate. To gain accreditation, the schools applied to the USGIF Academy and were evaluated based on the criteria established by the Foundation’s review panel. The panel of leading experts from industry, government and academia spent more than a year establishing curriculum guidelines, accreditation standards and processes for geospatial intelligence program.

“The USGIF’s accreditation efforts are an important and concrete indication of the emergence of GEOINT as a profession,” said Todd Bacastow, professor of practice for geospatial intelligence at Penn State. “Penn State University is proud to be in the forefront with the other academic institutions in this important progress.”

Colleges and universities interested in creating a geospatial intelligence program or applying for accreditation are encouraged to submit applications. The USGIF Academy will review applications twice this year, those submitted by April 30 for fall 2008 accreditation and submissions by Oct. 31 for spring 2009 accreditation. Curriculum guidelines, requirements, applications and additional information are available on USGIF’s website at

“Our Geospatial Intelligence Accreditation and Certificate Program ensures that students studying under accredited college and university courses receive the broad set of technical and critical thinking skills along with relevant tradecraft knowledge necessary for a successful career in the geospatial intelligence community,” said Shea. “We look forward to including more higher learning institutions in the list of USGIF-accredited programs and providing greater availability to students interested in pursuing a career so important to our national security.”

USGIF is a Virginia-based non-stock, not-for-profit corporation. The Foundation is dedicated to promoting the geospatial intelligence tradecraft and developing a stronger community of interest between government, industry, academia, professional organizations and individuals whose mission focus is the development and application of geospatial intelligence data and geo-processing resources to address national security objective

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