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April 11th, 2008
Transport Hubs as Innovation Hubs

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PR – 13th International
Conference on Urban
Planning, Transportation and Real Estate in Information and Knowledge

008: Transport Hubs as Innovation Hubs

13th International
Conference on Urban
Planning, Transportation and Real Estate in Information and Knowledge

May 19th -21st 2008, Vienna International Airport
(direct link for program:

is still open until April 15th 2008 at

Would be great to welcome you to Vienna International Airport in


About 100
presentations, round table discussions
and an attractive social
make CORP the biggest annual interdisciplinary
conference on the development of cities and regions in information and knowledge
Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Real Estate
issues as well as tools and methods for planners are discussed.

Special workshops focus on "Airports and Climate Protection",
"System Dynamics" as well as "Safety and security in Cities and for critical

Transport Hubs as Innovation Hubs

Transport hubs are nerve
centers of our modern mobile society and rapidly become economic centers – the
new "Airport Cities" are remarkable examples.

Where many people come together information and knowledge is
shared and new ideas are created, and so airports, train stations, motorway
rests become knowledge- and innovation hubs.

The international conference REAL CORP 008 focuses on these
21st-century-transport- and innovation-hubs that are exceptionally challenging
for urban and transport planning, architecture and real estate development.

Some of the questions to be dealt with:

  • How can the role of transport hubs as innovation hubs be
  • Which technologies ensure the reliable functioning of the
    hubs and what further improvement is needed?
  • How can anticipatory planning ensure the sustainable
    development of those structures?
  • How can unmeant spatial developments be avoided and
    environmental impacts be dealt with?

General information on

  • held annually since 1996, have become the biggest annual
    conference on "Urban Development in Information and Knowledge Society"
  • 450 participants from all over the world
  • 100+ presentations and workshops, social program, exhibition
  • experts and decision makers from private enterprises,
    politics, science and administration
  • all papers from 1996 on are published online at and
    can be downloaded for free


Let me take the opportunity to refer to two other extraordinary interesting upcoming

The annual conference of
International Society of City and Regional Planners
will be held in China in

URBAN GROWTH without Sprawl
19-23 September 2008, Dalian –

UPE 8, the 8th International Symposium of the
International Urban Planning and Environment Association
under the
Parallel Patterns of Urban Growth and
Sustainability Issues and Challenges for Spatial
Planning in 21st Century Cities and Regions
will be held from March
23rd – 26th 2009 in Kaiserslautern
/ Germany,

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