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February 26th, 2009
Topcon’s X-TRAC 7 Technology

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PR – A new advanced technology for robotic total stations – X-TRAC 7 – is now available from Topcon. X-TRAC 7 is a complete system enhancement, improving robotic and LPS
tracking, RC-3 “Quick Lock” remote control, radio, and data collector
performance. X-TRAC 7 technology is now included on all new Topcon 9 Series and
Imaging Station (IS) robotic family total station systems.  Users with
IS systems, GTS-900 and GPT-9000,  purchased prior to the release of
X-TRAC 7 can contact their Topcon authorized dealer for the X-TRAC 7

Prism Tracking.  “The new X-TRAC 7 increases
prism-tracking speed and allowable movement. X-TRAC 7 uses a tracking
beam sequence that keeps the instrument cross hairs focused on the
moving prism pole.  Internal firmware and advanced algorithms are used
to determine and track the prism better than ever before.”

Remote Control.  The X-TRAC 7 firmware enhances the
performance of Topcon’s Quick Lock robotic remote control.  The RC-3
remote firmware and command logic has been redesigned to take full
advantage of X-TRAC 7 technology, The RC-3’s Quick Lock speed and
accuracy have increased dramatically.

X-TRAC 7 firmware updates the RC-3 handle as well as the total
station instrument, with automatic power regulation and special sensor
windows that determine the location of the prism pole.  The X-TRAC 7
enhancement to the RC-3 handle precisely measures the centre of the
signal return.  Quick Lock times are reduced.

Software.  Topcon’s new release of TopSURV 7.2
software includes the X-TRAC 7 advanced technology. TopSURV 7.2 is the
user interface to control all of the advanced features of X-TRAC 7.  It
is the central hub of this enhanced X-TRAC 7 robotic system. 

X-TRAC 7 technology supports software on the IS imaging stations
with Topcon IS live video broadcast.  With X-TRAC 7, the live video
supports WiFi broadcasts of images from the IS instrument to the
TopSURV field controller.  It gives the surveyor complete control of
the IS from their field controller.

Radio.  By updating the robotic instrument firmware
as well as radio module settings, users will find better
re-establishment of radio performance at longer ranges.  

Features of the X-TRAC 7 technology include :

  • Fast, robust tracking of a prism even when exposed to other reflective objects;
  • Fast and accurate turning of the instrument when performing a RC-3 remote
    Quick Lock cycle;
  • Automatic power regulation of the RC-3 remote;
  • TopSURV 7.2 software support for instrument enhancements;
  • TopSURV 7.2 software live video support for IS systems. 

X-TRAC 7 is a true system wide enhancement improving all elements of
the robotic system from the instruments, remote control functions,
field controllers and software.

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