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June 23rd, 2008
The Hong Kong Lands Department Chooses ESRI GIS for Its Upgraded Land Information

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PR – The Government of Hong Kong Lands
Department (LandsD) recently awarded ESRI a US$4.9 million contract to replace
its Computerized
(CLIS). CLIS contains up-to-date digital map data and land boundary records
accessed by 450 users in LandsD. ESRI will replace
the existing CLIS with an enterprise geographic information system (GIS),
allowing users throughout the department
to work with one central geodatabase instead of disparate silos of data.
new system will be more efficient and accurate through the sharing of data and
will better support the business processes and workflows of LandsD as it
administers land within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


CLIS was originally designed in 1989 by
ESRI and is used to assist
in valuation of land
and property, land control and lease enforcement, maintenance of the geodetic
control network, land boundary survey, aerial survey, and map production among
other important tasks. While the existing system has served the organization
well over the last two decades, upgrading to current technology and standards
was necessary to continue supporting the department’s many important tasks.

The new system incorporates ESRI’s
ArcGIS Desktop software for creating and analyzing geospatial data. In
addition, the advanced spatial data server functionality of ArcGIS Server acts
as the database access engine to LandsD’s four terabytes of spatial data, its
associated attributes, and metadata stored in an Oracle database. Citrix will
be used for the GIS delivery infrastructure in 10 districts in the


LandsD will also employ ESRI’s Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX) software to
assist with workflow management and job tracking in order to efficiently update
and edit the
territory-wide datasets. Production Line Tool Set (PLTS) for ArcGIS,
a collection of turnkey software applications, will help LandsD with its
high-volume database production, maintenance, quality control, and cartographic
product generation.

Along with centralizing and updating the
current CLIS, an exhaustive disaster recovery system is being developed. This
has become necessary because of the sheer number of system users. Even a single
day of downtime means the department loses the equivalent of 450 person-days.

The 28-month project also includes a
detailed system analysis and design, data conversion and migration, system integration
and consolidation to integrate CLIS with other cadastre, land records, and
mapping systems used by LandsD.

"Hong Kong is a true visionary in
applying the geographic
approach in government
," says Jack Dangermond, president, ESRI.
"Its foresight in creating an integrated system to deliver information
throughout the administrative region will provide a great benefit to its

ESRI is joined by its distributors ESRI
China (Hong Kong) Limited and NIIT-GIS Ltd. (ESRI India) in delivering this
comprehensive project.

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