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December 3rd, 2007
TatukGIS Products Supporting Oracle Spatial/Locator Database

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PR – TatukGIS is pleased to announce support for Oracle Spatial/Locator database coverages in the following TatukGIS products:

GIS Developer Kernel .NET (Manageable .NET WinForms GIS SDK)
GIS Developer Kernel ActiveX (OCX based GIS SDK)
GIS Developer Kernel VCL (Native Delphi/C++ VCL GIS SDK)
GIS Internet Server (ASP.NET GIS map server SDK)
GIS Editor (Windows desktop application)

The TatukGIS support for Oracle Spatial/Locator includes:

– Reading/writing/editing Oracle Spatial vector map layers (SD_GEOMETRY)
– Creation of new Oracle Spatial tables and importing data into the tables
– Use of Locator spatial operators for server-side spatial queries (based on the DE9IM model)
– Utilization of Oracle Spatial indexes

The latest updates of these products can connect directly to the Oracle Spatial database, without the need for any 3rd party software. Only the installation of the Oracle OCI client driver is required. For detailed instructions on how to connect a TatukGIS product to an Oracle Spatial database, refer the FAQ item Q10779.

For the TatukGIS Internet Server and TatukGIS Editor products, the Oracle Spatial/Locator support is included as a standard feature. No additional TatukGIS license fee is required to use these products with Oracle Spatial/Locator databases. The Oracle Spatial/Locator support in these products can be evaluated using the Editor and Internet Server trial versions.

For the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) product (DK.NET, DK-ActiveX, and DK-VCL editions), the support for Oracle Spatial/Locator is licensed separately as the DK Spatial Database Extensions package. The DK Spatial Database Extensions package will later be enlarged to also provide support for other spatial databases, in addition to Oracle Spatial. The Oracle Spatial/Locator support can be evaluated, using the standard DK product trial versions.

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