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December 5th, 2007
Start of EUMETCast dissemination of O3M SAF Products

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PR – EUMETSAT is pleased to announce that on Tuesday 4 December 2007, the dissemination via EUMETCast of the Near Real Time Total Column nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3) products from the Satellite Application Facility on Ozone and Atmospheric Chemistry Monitoring (O3M SAF) will commence. Monitoring of ozone, other trace gases and aerosols from space is becoming more important as the atmosphere becomes increasingly polluted by man-made chemicals. The depletion of the atmosphere’s protective ozone layer is of particular environmental concern. The resulting increased levels of ultraviolet radiation can have harmful effects on agriculture, forests, water ecosystems, materials and people.

The O3M SAF generates, validates, archives and distributes atmospheric data products of ozone, trace gases, aerosols and surface ultraviolet radiation using the Metop data.
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