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February 5th, 2008
Stantec Acquires Secor, U.S. Environmental Engineering Firm

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PR — Stantec Inc. is taking over Secor International Inc., a 700-employee engineering and environmental consulting firm headquartered in Redmond, Wash. Edmonton-based Stantec did not disclose the value of the deal Monday, but said Secor generated US$125 million in revenue last year through 40 offices, mostly in the United States.

Secor, founded in 1989, is described as one of the largest providers of downstream marketing remedial services to the U.S. energy industry, and also provides environmental monitoring and remediation services to the manufacturing, chemical, transport and pulp and paper sectors.

“The addition of Secor significantly increases our environment practice area’s service offering, particularly for our clients in the private sector,” stated Stantec CEO Tony Franceschini.

Stantec’s environmental practice area now has more than 2,300 engineers, scientists, and technical specialists, in a total workforce of 8,500 at about 125 locations.

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