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November 23rd, 2015
Speakers Announced for OGC-o-Rabble, 30 November

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The OGC will host its ‘Technical Committee’ meeting in Australia. To celebrate this event,  GeoRabble is joining forces with the OGC, to bring you a special ‘OGC-o-Rabble’ session on Monday 30 November, from 5:30 PM at the Swanson Hotel.

We are proud to have secured an awesome program for the evening. A mix of Ozzie and International speakers, a return by popular demand of our Geo-Trivia, and of course the opportunity to mingle and network over drinks, free pizza (thanks to Jacobs‘ generous sponsoring) at an iconic Aussie venue.

Don’t forget to register. It is always a free event, but we need to know numbers for catering purposes.

Register at:, or through our Meetup group:

Scott Simmons, the Executive Director of the Standards Program for the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), will share his experience on leading a consensus process to develop location-related standards.

Dr Carl Reed, recently retired as the Chief Technology Officer and an Executive Director of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), he will tell us “How to speak fair dinkum Spatial”, sharing with us an American’s first introduction to speaking Strayan that will go into serious thanks to Aussie contributions to spatial technology and the spatial industry.

Roger Lott, Chairman of the IOGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers) Geodesy Subcommittee will talk about the importance of the new version of well-known text (WKT) for describing coordinate reference system definitions that has recently been developed jointly by OGC and ISO. 

Tim Leigh, GeoRabble co-founder and Principal Consultant at Scalable Solutions,  will tell us about“The internet of things, why should I care”.

Richard Lemon, the Spatial Section Manager & Practice Leader for Imagery & Aerial Survey from Jacobs, will talk about using flying ambulances, aerial images and addressee databases to help saving lives in Australia.

David Turner, a GIS engineer responsible for a sustainable transport at the City of Sydney, will talk about “Making numbers flow using Gephi”.  David will show and inspire how to make nice looking maps using an open source visualisation platform. 

Rhys Bittner, Hexagon Geospatial Business Development Manager, will present an open platform based on open data and OGC web services. He will also announce a “new developer competition”with 1st prize US$100,000 2nd prize US$50,000 and many other prizes!

Jacqui Kennedy has spent the last two years on the road visiting and photographing “Big Things of Australia” and will share with us photos and places that you have never seen!!

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