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April 27th, 2009
Space Time Insight Visualization and Workflow Software Drives Rapid Response to Wildfires

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Space-Time Insight customers use Space-Time Insight software to enable rapid, effective response to wildfires. The company’s customers estimate that using Space-Time Insight software during last year’s fire season, when 1500 fires raged across California, saved the state of California billions of dollars in avoided economic disruption.

Space-Time Insight is the only available software that both delivers
powerful, real-time situation visualization to operations personnel and
also connects directly to employee workflow systems to enable immediate
step-by-step response,  alerting and tasking to the right key response
personnel to address the emergency rapidly and effectively.

Specific to wildfires, Space-Time Insight automatically monitors and
alerts personnel about fire locations, their relative priority status,
last observed time, wind gusts and direction, relative humidity, fuel
moisture levels, temperature, and proximity to critical assets and
enables managers to locate and provide step-by-step best practice-based
tasking through remediation scripts sent automatically to the
appropriate response personnel and through the Space-Time Insight

With a project developed using Space-Time Insight software, one of
Space-Time Insight’s utility customers won Utility/T&D Automation
and Engineering magazine’s 2009 GIS Project of the Year Award and is
featured in the March 2009 issue of that magazine. The utility used the
application to view and track active fires, wind direction, and
associated data, receive alerts when wind speed thresholds were
exceeded, and have this information easily compiled on the dashboard.
Having access to this information in real time relative to specific
utility assets improved the utility’s response time, operational
efficiency and effectiveness. The project showed its value during the
2008 fire season when the utility launched proactive fire-preparedness

Space-Time Insight’s CEO, Mark Feldman, PhD, says, “Space-Time Insight
is the only software that  provides operators both real-time
visualization of a crisis as it’s unfolding and also enables customers
to assign best-practice action scripts to the right response personnel
to address that crisis immediately and directly from the same screen. “

Space-Time Insight delivers real-time crisis visualization, analytics,
and management. Additionally, for advance planning, Space-Time Insight
allows operators to run simulations to plan for better future response.
Space-Time Insight further enables planners to roll-back time and
re-play on screen actual historical events exactly as they unfolded for
training purposes.

Space-Time Insight software is available now. To find out more about
Space-Time Insight, visit 
Space-Time Insight is headquartered in Fremont, CA. Space-Time Insight
solutions include Space-Time Energy Management, Space-Time Crisis
Management, Space-Time Service Management, Space-Time Asset Management,
Space-Time Renewables Management as for wind farms, and Space-Time
Energy Market Management. Most Space-Time Insight commercial customers
are in the utilities (power, water, gas), chemicals processing, oil
& gas, telecommunication, and transportation industries.

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