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July 22nd, 2008
Secureseal to Spearhead Google Earth Asset Tracking

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PR – Secureseal has signed a landmark agreement
with Axonn, a US-based pioneer in global satellite tracking technology. 
The Enfield-based specialist in trailer security and management has been
appointed as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Axonn’s AXTracker MMT and T3 with
focus in the European Union (EU). 

Assets are located on Google Earth
with current positions shown on a satellite image, aerial photograph or
The agreement extends Secureseal’s remit in the UK becoming an outlet for
Axonn’s world-leading technology and can now provide fully accredited support
for several thousand tracker units already installed in the UK.  Utilising
low earth orbit satellites, Axonn has developed innovative technology for
wireless global one-way communication and tracking of fixed and mobile assets.
Secureseal has integrated Axonn technology with its own low powered RFID
technologies to create SecureTrac, a web-based asset tracking system that is
already proving a hit across the EU.
SecureTrac is the first-ever
system designed to provide extended operation without external power source.
This makes it very appealing for tracking shipments and assets including
containers, swap bodies, rail wagons and other assets. By enabling significant
improvements in asset management and logistics, Secureseal sees huge commercial
potential for the technology and is spearheading business expansion across the
To provide ubiquitous coverage around the globe, Axonn utilises
the Globalstar low earth orbit (LEO) mobile satellite system, the world’s most
widely used satellite communication network. Through SecureTrac, assets are
located using Google Earth with current positions shown on a satellite image,
aerial photograph or map.
“We are pleased to extend our partnership which allows Secureseal to
penetrate all sectors in the UK and EU. Not only does Secureseal have a
market-leading solution with SecureTrac, but they have a strong technical backup
and well established contacts in transport.  We see Secureseal as an ideal
partner for Axonn in the EU region and they have already begun to spearhead what
we believe will be a revolution in asset and shipping management for European
organizations,” says Chad Holsinger, Axonn Vice President of Sales and
Secureseal has already a well established client base in the transport
sector with its market-leading security seals and RFID trailer monitoring
systems. Supplying worldwide, Secureseal is part of the OEM Group that also has
an established international business base. Axonn is headquartered near New
Orleans and has pioneered the commercialisation of satellite and radio
frequency-based hardware since 1985. The exclusive provider of STX2 transmitters
for the Globalstar Simplex Data Network, Axonn has over 11 million units in

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