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January 30th, 2008
Sancon Helps China To Develop a “Green” Economy

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PR – After two decades of strong economic growth, China has emerged as an
economic and political world power. China currently consumes over 40% of
the world’s cement, one third of its steel, one quarter of its copper
and 40% of the world’s coal, but this growth has not been without
consequences. According to the Chinese official statistics, China ranked
number one in the world in 2006 in its chemical oxygen demand (COD), a
key water pollution index, 62% of Chinas
major water systems and 90% of its metropolitan river streams are
considered polluted. However Judging from the Chinese governments
11th Five Year Plan and the recently held 17th
National Congress conference, it seems that China is determined and may
stand to become a world leader in green technologies and sustainable
environment development.

Chinas 11th
Five-Year Development Plan and Go Green

During the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China held
in October 2007, environmental protection was positioned at the centre
stage of its macro policies. One of the keynotes delivered by President
Hu Jintao was for China to Promote a
conservation culture by forming an energy and resource-efficient and
environment-friendly structure of industries, pattern of growth and mode
of consumption. Other state officials also
indicated that more go green
economic policies will be deployed in China, including taxation,
charging polluters, subsidies to those giving up profits for the sake of
the environment and preferential financing policies for the eco-friendly
industry. In a country where most trends are still navigated by the
central government policies, the Chinese government is clearly committed
in repairing their environment and reducing future damages.

The Chinese government has already included a goal of building an
energy-efficient, less resource-intensive and more sustainable society
in its 11th Five-Year Plan for 2006-2010. The plan will be the central
guiding document for China’s development over the five years period. It
includes several key initiatives in use of recovered resources, energy
conservation, and adopting tougher environmental protection laws for all
entities. In the plan China will commit to invest over USD $157 billion
in environmental protection projects between 2006 and 2010. This
investment is double that of the previous five years and equal to
approximately 1.5% of the countrys GDP over
this period.

Sancon Helps China To Develop a Green Economy

According to China National Resources Recycling Association and energy
experts, Chinas import of recycled raw
material grew from 1-2 million tons per year in the early 1990s
to over 50 million tons per year in 2007, demonstrating its thirst for
resource materials. China’s fast growing economy currently requires 50
percent more energy per unit of output than the global average, five
times more than the United States and 10 times more than Japan. While
global natural resources continue to increase in demand and price, China
will need to develop its own resources recovery and green energy market
to continue its economic growth.

Sancon Resources Recovery Inc. is a fast growing environmental services
company that has found its niche in Chinas
effort to Go Green.
Sancon started its business in Melbourne, Australia in 2002, offering
waste management and industrial solid waste recovery services to large
industrial and consumer companies. It expanded into China in 2006 due to
the background of its CEO Mr. Jack Chen, a China-born waste expert with
many years of operating experiences in recovered resources trading.
Since Sancon began its China expansion, it has launched a network of
waste recovery plants around China, offering environmental services to
fortune 1000 companies. These companies often require quality waste
management services on a national wide scale. Sancon recently opened its
sixth waste recovery plant in the city of Xiamen in the south eastern
part of China, in addition to other five plants located around China.

Mr. Jack Chen, CEO of Sancon commented: We
are facing enormous opportunities here in China for the next decade. The
new proposed green economy would be only feasible with companies like
Sancon, realizing and supplying Chinas
recycled raw materials for its manufacturers. Our services will also
help our clients to reduce energy usage and landfill costs. With our
investments and plants built out in the last two years, Sancon is now
able to service as many as 30 Chinese cities in waste recovery with its
logistic operations. Sancon today is perhaps the only environmental
service company in China with such wide scope of coverage and high
service standards. Sancon is well positioned to help Chinas
effort of going green and claim a leadership position in the industry.

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