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April 10th, 2008
President of Woodfield Consulting to Present at GisWorx in Dubai

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PR — Greg Duffy, President and principal consultant, Woodfield Consulting of Oakville, Canada announced today he has been invited to present two IT/GIS executive workshops to senior IT planners, Decision Makers and Geographic Information Systems and Information Technology Managers at the upcoming GisWorx 2008 conference in Dubai, May 5-8. Greg was invited by Mohamed Abuziad, Managing Director of GisTec, who was an attendee at one of Greg’s workshops in Calgary last year.

The first, A Practical Guide to Showing the Value of GIS in a Business Case, will focus on oodfield’s proprietary model, R-V-I, or Returns Values and Impacts, and how its holistic enterprise approach overcomes the weaknesses in current ROI-only measurement schemes.

The second, How GIS Builds a Base for Business Intelligence, CRM, Asset Management and Work Management, will focus on strategies to prepare systems, applications and people for complex knowledge sharing by first implementing the GIS. This in turn paves the way and cleans the data that later becomes the base for the other applications.

Says Duffy,” In I/T, and subsequently in GIS/CRM/AM/WM and BI strategy, it is critical to determine how and by whom the outcomes, or knowledge, of these applications will impact the daily work of employees and ultimately the customer.”

He adds, “In the Middle East, the term “workshop” can mean different things. In this case it is more of an Executive Briefing, lasting less than two hours, in which one puts forth their view, explains what they mean and proves its value. It can be challenging for sure, but I look forward to it.”

GisWorx is hosted each year in Dubai by GisTec, a leading I/T Consultancy and Integrator in the Middle East. It is a four-day event featuring GIS Workshops and Exhibitions. The conference offers a unique in-depth learning environment on different aspects of GIS designed for both beginners and advanced users, and features many industry experts. Sponsors include major worldwide firms such as HP, Navteq, Maximo and ESRI as well as other Canadian firms such as Safe Software and GeoCortex.
Attendees come primarily from the Middle East and Europe. Close to 500 people are expected this year. Please visit for more details.

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