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April 2nd, 2009
Pinellas County Completes Upgrade to Munsys 10 on Oracle 10g

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Munsys, Inc. announces that Pinellas County, Florida, has recently completed an enterprise wide upgrade to Munsys® 10 running on Oracle® 10g Release 2. The Pinellas County GIS database has become a vital component to many of their internal and external systems and maintains over 500 layers of spatial information servicing more than 30 departments and groups in the county.

Pinellas County started adopting Oracle Spatial as their core spatial data storage platform during 2004 when many others were still using proprietary storage technologies. Since then County personnel have developed extensive data models to solve many of the County’s information needs and the database now manages more than 1,500 data tables.

Over the past 5 years the central GIS database has become a vital component to many County systems and is accessed on a daily basis by over 300 internal users and over 1,000 visitors to their public site (over 2,000 per day during hurricane season). More than 30 departments digitize and maintain their data in the central database including Planning, Environmental, Public Works, Utilities, and Emergency Management.

Because so many systems are dependent on the central database the upgrade process required extensive testing and planning beforehand. The Oracle upgrade was performed on a test environment where the data migration process was simulated and thoroughly tested. Once County staff was satisfied that all the dependent systems operated correctly the final migration and switch over was performed on the live system.

“While it was a relatively complex task to upgrade our core platform, the overall effort and impact was significantly less than if we had to upgrade various disparate data sets. Having our spatial data stored in a central database using an open architecture has once again underlined the wisdom of our IT strategy and enabled our group to provide a high level of service in a cost effective manner,” says David James, Deputy Director, BTS, Pinellas County.

“It is commendable to see how much the GIS database has grown over the years and how well the County has utilized the open database capabilities to service such a variety of departments,” says Chris Tolken, Munsys President. “Pinellas County is an excellent example of the efficiencies and benefits that can be realized when spatial data is managed as a standard component of the organization’s information systems.”

About Munsys, Inc.
Munsys, Inc., with offices in Florida and California, is the primary supplier of sales, services, and technical support for the Munsys family of products in North America. Munsys, Inc. provides database-driven geospatial solutions to utilities and government for the management of cadastral, drainage, electricity, roads, sewer, and water infrastructure.

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