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August 4th, 2008
Pictometry and First American Combine Accurate Parcel Addressing with 3-D like Intelligent Images

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PR – Pictometry International Corp., a leading provider of geo-referenced aerial image libraries whose proprietary technology is used globally to capture oblique image libraries, today announced a powerful new alliance with First American Proxix Solutions, a subsidiary of the First American Corporation, which combines Pictometry’s 3-D like Intelligent Images™ with the most accurate location technology available today. The result is Pictometry MatchPoint API™.

Pictometry MatchPoint uses basic address information to locate
properties with unparalleled parcel precision; then instantly displays
these locations using the same 3D-like high-resolution, geo-referenced
imagery emergency responders use to see all the way around a location
and glean critical visual information.

“This alliance joins two powerful technologies to create a capability
that has limitless applications and potential,” said Pictometry’s Dante
Pennacchia, Chief Marketing Officer, adding, “We’re thrilled to partner
with First American in this way. Together, we hope to set a new
standard and change the way people work by providing them with easy
access to visual intelligence with an accuracy level they can trust.”

Pictometry MatchPoint is a web-based visual information solution which
features First American’s PxPoint parcel-level geocoding technology and
Pictometry’s oblique imagery. PxPoint is a multinational geo-coding
engine designed with advanced matching algorithms and the ability to
utilize multiple datasets simultaneously, including the most complete
national parcel database available today and more than 80 million
addresses worldwide (more than double the size of other geocoding
databases). Pictometry’s proprietary oblique image capture process
captures imagery at an angle for a 3-D like view, unlike traditional
orthogonal or ‘straight down’ imagery which provides only a rooftop

“Other addressing solutions simply don’t have access to the data
PxPoint uses to have this level of accuracy,” said Scott Little, Chief
Executive Officer for First American’s Proxix Solutions.  PxPoint’s
advanced geocoding technology and database work together to eliminate
uncertainty over the location of an address. “Now, users can have
confidence in what they find and no longer need to confirm
or further determine a property’s exact location by studying nearby
features. We focus on the locational accuracy and Pictometry brings the
location to life.”

“More precise geocoding makes Pictometry’s imagery more valuable for a
wide range of applications", said David Sonnen, International Data
Corporation’s Senior Consultant for Spatial Information.  “This is a
significant new spatial data capability.  We expect to see good uptake
within industries ranging from real estate to emergency services." For
more on Pictometry MatchPoint, visit

About The First American Corporation
The First American Corporation (NYSE: FAF) is a FORTUNE 500 company
that traces its history to 1889. With revenues of approximately $8.2
billion 2007, it is America’s largest provider of business information.
First American combines advanced analytics with its vast data resources
to supply businesses and consumer with valuable information products to
support the major economic events of people’s lives, such as getting a
job, renting an apartment, buying a car or house, securing a mortgage
and opening or buying a business. The First American Family of
Companies, many of which command leading market share positions in
their respective industries, operate within five primary business
segments including: Title Insurance and Services, Specialty Insurance,
Information and Outsourcing Solutions, Data and Analytic Solutions and
Risk Mitigation and Business Solutions. More information about the
company and an archive of its press releases can be found at

About Pictometry
Pictometry International Corp. is a leading provider of geo-referenced,
aerial image libraries and related software. Pictometry has captured
over 50 million digital aerial images in over 600 counties in the
United States covering over 70 percent of the United States population.
Using its proprietary imaging process, Pictometry® captures
geo-referenced, high-resolution oblique (at an angle, producing a 3-D
like view) and orthogonal (straight down) Intelligent Images®, within
which structures and land features can be measured. Pictometry
customizes and markets these technologies for government and commercial
applications, offering non-traditional software solutions to aerial
imaging needs. Pictometry’s imagery and software enables users to “See
Everywhere, Measure Anything, Plan Everything”® using a patented
digital information system. Pictometry has its headquarters in
Rochester, NY and an office in Europe. Pictometry is a second order
visualization tool that does not produce authoritative or definitive
information (surveying) from its digital, aerial images. For more
information on Pictometry, visit

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