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July 22nd, 2008
Olympia Line 10 In Beijing Inaugurated

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PR – Passenger
service was recently inaugurated on the first half of Beijing’s new
ring line L10 and the Olympia branch line – which will be Line 8 in
future. Both metro lines have been provided with the latest signaling
and control equipment from Siemens. The automatic train control system
Trainguard MT, for example, makes use of ‘moving block’ principle,
which enables trains to operate at very short headways. Data is
exchanged between the train and the trackside via a wireless network.
MT supplies the fully automated operations control center with
real-time information on the overall system. Due to more flexible
deployment of the trains, it enables greater utilization of the
infrastructure and facilitates scheduling in situations where faults
have occurred or maintenance is required. Trainguard MT makes it
possible to considerably increase the number of trains and therefore
the transport capacity in the metro network. Headways of 90 seconds and
operation using the moving block system (i.e. trains follow each other
at exact braking distances) are possible on Line 10. An integrated
automatic driving/braking system controls train movements to ensure
comfort and smooth running and also stops the cars precisely in front
of the platform edge doors. In addition, it is the first time in the
world that the data needed for protecting trains are transferred
between the vehicle and trackside by means of a fail-safe WLAN data
link, as part of the Communication Based Train Control System (CBTC).

are different configurations of the Trainguard MT. The degree of
automation can be extended from monitored operation to semi-automated
or fully automated operation. The system is therefore able to expand
with the city and can be adapted to the related increasing
requirements. Trainguard MT allows mixed running with trains that have
not been fitted out with the relevant equipment and enables
step-by-step retrofitting without any interruption of services.

10 in Beijing is part of the new outer metro ring and connects the
northwest to the southeast part of the city. It is 24 kilometers long
and has 22 stops, six of which allowing passengers to transfer to
connecting trains. The Olympia branch line, on the other hand, is six
kilometers long, has a total of four stops and serves as a link to the
sports venues all around the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic stadium. During the
Olympic Games, Line 10 will be one of the most important traffic
arteries as it connects the sports grounds in the north with the city
center and the new airport feeder line.

Apart from in Beijing,
Trainguard MT is also to be used in the Chinese megacities of Guangzhou
and Nanjing as well as in Algiers, Barcelona, Budapest, Paris and Sao
Paulo in the near future.

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