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September 25th, 2007
NEXTMap Europe Countrywide Mapping Program Reaches Key Milestone

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Intermap Technologies Corp. today announced at Intergeo 2007 that its market leading NEXTMap® Europe program has reach a key milestone with the completion of the entire country of Germany this month. For the first time uniform 3D digital elevation models at 1 meter accuracy on 5 meter posts and orthorectified radar images at 1.25 meter resolution are available for the whole country.

Germany joins Great Britain as the second European country that will benefit from such a data set. Included in the Company’s high-resolution datasets are digital surface models depicting the earth’s surface (including cultural features such as vegetation, buildings, and roads), digital terrain models displaying the bare earth (with all cultural features digitally removed), and orthorectified radar images corrected to remove normal geometric distortions (grayscale images that accentuate topographic features). “Increasing demand within Germany’s GIS, automotive, and insurance markets encouraged us to proactively initiate a campaign to collect, process, and deliver uniformly accurate and affordable datasets to support a wide range of Germany’s geospatial applications,” said Brian Bullock, Intermap Technologies’ president and chief executive officer, “Not only does this achievement of placing Germany data on-the-shelf for purchase complement our existing suite of Great Britain datasets, but I am also pleased to announce that data for the entire country of France has recently been collected and is expected to be ready for delivery by mid-2008.”

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