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December 2nd, 2007
New GeoBase orthoimagery debuts in 2008

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PR – A new generation of satellite orthoimagery will be launched in early 2008. Aligned with other GeoBase data layers, this layer of SPOT 4 and 5 orthoimagery will provide coverage of all of Canada south of the 81st parallel. The SPOT orthoimagery improves upon the resolution of the GeoBase Landsat 7 satellite orthoimagery. Collection of the new imagery began in 2005 and will be completed by 2010. The first 1000, of the approximately 5000 orthoimages that will complete the dataset, will be available on the GeoBase portal in early 2008. A  SPOT 5 demo data set, covering greater Victoria, British Columbia is available for download.  For detailed information, please consult the technical specifications available on the GeoBase website.

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