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July 27th, 2008
Merrick & Company Awarded Contract F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, USAPR —

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PR — Merrick & Company, a world leader in LiDAR,
digital ortho imaging, photogrammetry, and geospatial solutions was
awarded a contract to provide a Common Installation Picture (CIP)
to be used in support of the U.S. Air Force GeoBase program.   
Deliverables include ½-foot color digital orthophotography,
building footprints and LiDAR data to support one-foot contour
interval mapping.  The project area covers approximately 17 square
miles which includes the base and a ½-mile buffer.
In addition to standard day-to-day operations, the geospatial
data will be used for heads up digitizing to capture planimetric
features such as sidewalks and pavement edges.  The data will also
be used in Major Accident Response (MAR) exercises such as training
first responders to mitigate fuel spills. 
      Warren Air Force Base is currently the oldest Air Force Base
in the country.  It was originally a U.S. Cavalry base and was built
to protect and provide security for construction workers who built
the transcontinental railroad.  A number of the buildings are more
than 100-years old and are national historic landmarks.  The
geospatial data will also be used for the historic preservation
of these buildings.
Visit Warren Air Force Base on the Web at 
Visit the F.E. Warren AFB Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
and Heritage Museum at
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About Merrick & Company
Founded in Denver in 1955, Merrick & Company is a world-leading
geospatial solutions, surveying, multidisciplinary engineering,
architectural, and construction management firm. The employee-owned
company provides these services to municipal, state, federal,
and private-sector clients. With approximately 450 employees,
Merrick has offices in Aurora and Colorado Springs, CO; Los Alamos
and Albuquerque, NM; Atlanta, GA, Ottawa, Canada; Mexico City
and Guadalajara, Mexico; Bogota, Colombia.

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