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July 4th, 2008
Leica PowerGrade: Uniquely Flexible Grading System

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PR – Leica PowerGrade, Leica Geosystems’
next-generation Grading Solution, revolutionizes the construction
process. The key to the Leica PowerGrade system lies in the unique
powersnap concept whose central element is a docking station allowing
easy and quick transfer of panels between machines – this allows
to change from one configuration to another, just as the job demands.
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of being restricted to one dozer or grader system for one machine,
now the unique Snap-on and Snap-off capability allows to change from
one configuration to another as the job demands. The operator simply
transfers the contact free, sealed control panel to the other
machine, snaps it into place and sets off. The machine specific
settings are permanently stored in the docking station.


Automatic control of slope and elevation

The Leica PowerGrade
system, fully waterproof and designed for the harshest construction
environments, provides automatic control of both slope and elevation.
Adding an extra mast and laser sensor even allows work to be carried
out independently of the slope direction. The system is ideal for
contractors who want to further increase machine productivity while
working with an easy-to-use, high accuracy grade control.

The Leica PowerGrade
system is easily upgraded and fully scalable from basic 2D to full 3D
capability- One option does not exclude the other and in case the
machine loses GPS coverage, it simply continues in 2D with lasers and

Increase productivity, reduce downtime

to increase productivity and efficiency of machine operations on
site, Leica PowerGrade can be used with a wide range of sensors and
combines ease-of-use, unrivalled flexibility with very powerful
control software. The easy installation typically is done within one
day minimizing machine downtime.

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