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June 28th, 2008
Leica PowerDigger Sets New Standards for Excavator Guidance

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PR – With the new Leica PowerDigger Excavator
Guidance System, Leica Geosystems presents latest in a line of site
proven guidance systems. Increased operator and machine productivity
leading to reduced labour and material costs and the solving of
specific problems – such as digging underwater with full guidance –
is the promise of Leica PowerDigger.
Press Release
PowerDigger provides excavator operators with
real-time depth, slope and reach information, in relation to any
reference, on an easy-to-read graphical control panel mounted in the
cab. A highly visible LED light-bar gives the operator a quick
reference to the desired level. An audible tone also gives an
‘on-grade’ or ‘near-grade’ indication. All of the information
necessary for an operator to do their job faster and more accurately
is available in the cabin. With this real-time information, the
productivity of the machine is increased by up to 50%. It’s a
reliable and flexible guidance solution that also meets future needs.


Durable sensors

The sensors for the PowerDigger excavator system are
gravitational reference sensors. These sensors are the most
thumb_powerdiggerresponsive and accurate excavator sensors on the market. All sensors
are fully waterproof down to at least 20m (70’) head of water –
and so are the cables – so there is no need for expensive special
equipment for backhoe dredgers. The hermetically sealed sensors will
also withstand the stress and vibration on a hydraulic hammer.


CAN bus equals quick installation

Advanced CAN bus based accelerometers are used to
measure the position of the boom, stick and bucket. The CAN bus
system makes installation extremely simple. Minimizing downtime is
important for the business. Therefore all sensors come with special
welding plates or easy mounts to speed up the installation. The
typical installation and calibration time for a basic system is less
than three hours.


PowerDigger fits any machine

A Leica PowerDigger guidance system can be fitted on
any machine ranging from 1 to 600 plus tons, dual booms or long reach
machines with a reach of more than 25m (80’) – the standard
system will fit them all. And the installation is easy.


Easy PowerDigger upgrade up to 3D guidance

Adding on the MRS300 Sensor upgrades the system to
dual grade. It gives the freedom of movement in any direction on a
sloping surface as the system will compensate for machine, pitch,
roll and rotation. Mounting a tilt bucket sensor adds a further
dimension. PowerDigger can also be upgraded easily to a 3D capable
system by adding the PowerDigger 3D computer as the control panel for
RTK GNSS receiver.



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