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February 14th, 2009
Leica Geosystems Introduces the CrossCheck Service

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PR – Leica Geosystems introduces Leica
CrossCheck, a web based service for GPS/GNSS reference network
coordinate calculation, integrity monitoring and deformation
monitoring. Customers benefit from high quality coordinates and
detection of site movements delivered by Leica Geosystems without
having to invest into software or infrastructure.

on the world class Bernese GPS Software, Leica CrossCheck is a
customized service tailored to the particular requirements of each
customer including the processing interval, processing strategy,
coordinate datum, limit checks and content of the secure online web

coordinates of highest quality

Network reference station operators can ensure they
always have the highest quality coordinates for their network and can
access information on the stability of their reference stations via
the Internet. Improved coordinate quality has a flow on effect to all
end users of the network and helps to get the best possible
performance from network RTK processing software such as Leica GNSS
Spider and software for online processing and GNSS data distribution,
such as Leica SpiderWeb.

No investment required

Customers do not need to
invest in specialist GNSS processing expertise, software or
infrastructure. By outsourcing these specialist computations to Leica
Geosystems’ team of highly trained engineers, customers can
concentrate their efforts and resources on their primary reference
station service or deformation monitoring activities.

GNSS processing service
by Leica Geosystems

Highly trained specialists at Leica Geosystems
process the customer’s GNSS data using the latest geodetic software
and algorithms to provide high accuracy estimates of the site
positions and movements.


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