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April 10th, 2008
JMAR Technologies Reports Positive Findings in EPA Tests

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PR — JMAR Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:JMAR), a leading developer of advanced
laser, photonics and detection technologies, today announced the results
of a testing program carried out by the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) to measure the performance of JMARs
BioSentry monitoring system and competing products at detecting harmful
microorganisms in drinking water distribution systems.

The U.S. EPA presented results at the AWWA Water Security Congress 2008
this week and the tests found that BioSentry was able to detect
bacterial pathogens up to 25 times better than any other product tested.
The published results can be found in the proceedings of the conference.

The program was carried out in 2007 by the EPAs
National Security Homeland Research Center, using a pilot-scale water
distribution system at the EPAs testing and
evaluation facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Tests were performed to
determine the detection capabilities of BioSentry and other products
against intentional introduction of pathogens into a water distribution
system. Several pathogen surrogates were used simulating lethal microbes.

JMAR Technologies President and CEO C. Neil
Beer, Ph.D., commented, As a matter of
policy, the EPA does not endorse or promote specific products. However,
the performance of our flagship product, BioSentry, in EPAs
strictly objective testing program, speaks for itself. These results
strongly reinforce our conviction that BioSentry will soon be in wide
use around the world to protect the public from intentional or
accidental contamination of water supplies. The success of BioSentry
also bodes well for other products in development that employ similar
advanced technology.

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