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December 18th, 2007
Intermap Technologies Signs Agreement with Magellan

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PR – Intermap Technologies today announced an agreement with Magellan, one of the fastest growing GPS manufacturers in the world, to provide outdoor map content products for Magellan’s line of handheld GPS devices. Intermap’s AccuTerraTM map products will provide users with outdoor specific map data for the contiguous 48 states and Hawaii.

We are pleased to be working with Magellan under this agreement to provide them with the nation’s best recreational map content available for GPS devices,” commented Eric DesRoche, senior vice president of consumer electronics for Intermap Technologies. “The detailed digital mapping content that will be available to consumers through this partnership will further improve their GPS user experience.”

Intermap is creating consumer mapping products using Magellan’s Solution Developer Kit (MSDK) MapCreator software.  MSDK is a 3rd party development toolkit that enables licensees to develop world class mapping products and software enhancement to enhance Magellan’s GPS product line offerings.  MSDK-derived content products are compatible with both GPS devices and VantagePoint desktop software.

“This agreement with Intermap is important to outdoor enthusiasts because the content that Intermap is building is perfectly suited to the new generation of GPS products and our customers’ needs for even more accurate off road data,” said Christian Bubenheim, Magellan’s Vice President of product marketing.

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