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June 30th, 2008
IDeA and Intelligent Addressing Announce the 2008 NLPG and NSG Exemplar Awards

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PR — The Improvement and  Development Agency (IDeA) and Intelligent Addressing have announced the 2008  NLPG and NSG Exemplar Awards. The awards recognise the outstanding service  delivery, effort, commitment and innovation by local authorities, fire and  police in the creation, maintenance and utilisation of the National Land &  Property Gazetteer (NLPG) and National Street Gazetteer (NSG). Intelligent  Addressing and IDeA will jointly present the awards at a one-day conference  ‘Underpinning Transformational Government – everything happens somewhere’ to be  held at the Birmingham ICC on the 16th October 2008.

The NLPG and  NSG are two key initiatives to join up systems, improve efficiency and service  delivery.  The identification of ‘place’ is absolutely vital to the  function of government; everything happens somewhere and all services are  delivered based upon knowledge of location. The NLPG and the NSG are the building blocks that enable systems and organisations to join up and  collaborate. The sharing of accurate address information across  local government departments is a vital component in the drive to facilitate and  improve service delivery and regional cooperation.

The NLPG makes this possible  through linking local authorities’ Local Land & Property Gazetteers.  Similarly the NSG links local authorities’ Local Street Gazetteers and is a key  dataset supporting the NLPG, traffic management and the vital coordination of  street works. Thanks to the MSA (Mapping Services Agreement) there  is a contractual framework to maintain and share gazetteers with councils,  police forces, fire services, national parks and many other local organisations,  which can now benefit from using the same data. This shared data structure leads  not only to improved service delivery, less error and duplication but also to a  constantly improving data resource as all parties contribute change information  for the benefit of all. John Hayes, Director at IDeA, said, “We are  delighted to be able to announce the 2008 NLPG and NSG Exemplar awards and the  ‘Underpinning Transformational Government’ Conference. The combined event not  only acknowledges the hard work and vision of those creating and working with  the NLPG and the NSG but also acts as a platform to encourage others to learn by  their example, to improve efficiency, deliver better services and bring about  closer collaboration across the country”.

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